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The Revel Body SOL Takes Sexual Pleasure to Brand New Places

When I saw the first Revel Body, I didn’t know what to make of it. It was a silicone ball. How was this supposed to work?

When Revel Body gave me the chance to try its new second generation Revel Body SOL, I figured that there had to be something going on with this since I heard so much buzz about it.

It turns out that pictures don’t tell the story.

The Revel Body SOL is unlike any other external vibrator in so many ways. It wasn’t until I got it in my hands that it made sense. It was so easy to hold. The size and the weight were just right. It felt like a baseball in my hands.

Forget everything you know about vibrator speed and pattern settings. Unlike a typical vibrator, which uses a rotary motor that uses gears to power a weight that spins around and shakes, the TrueSonic® motor is a single magnetically charged part that goes up and down like a piston. As the six motor speeds go up, the sensations go from feeling like a pounding drill to feeling thuddy to feeling like a rapid yet gentle buzz instead of one type of vibration that goes from low, medium to high.

Here’s where it really gets interesting … Each of the speeds you set will feel completely different depending which attachment you use. The Revel Body SOL comes with three attachments that do so much more than just giving a quick and powerful localized orgasm.

The Rose has a flat yet slightly curved head. I liked it best at the highest speeds for the way the six vibrations lightly resonated from mid-thigh to my belly button when I used it on my clitoris. It had a soothing fuller body sensation that caught me off guard. As much as I really enjoy the feeling of being gently touched all over my body during foreplay, this attachment did that for me. The clitoral stimulation was merely a bonus.

I really liked the Ever, a slightly raised attachment with ridges and indentations. Actually, I liked the way I got different kinds of arousals when I placed the surface of the attachment to top of my clitoris and the outside edge around the sides of the clitoris. My only complaint about the Ever is that it’s hard to clean the inside ridges

I thought I was going to like bristly brush Fawn attachment best. I expected that I’d get a ticklish sensation from it, but I didn’t. I tried using it by barley touching the surface of the skin of my nipples and clitoris and applying a bit a pressure to rub the bristles into my skin. It did nothing for me, but that’s not to say that it might be a “Wow!” for someone else.

So instead of thinking of the Revel Body SOL as having only six speeds, it really has 24 different vibration sensations with the three attachments and the way the sphere itself can be rolled around the body for an all around the body massage and de-stressing experience. It was great for getting my body to relax before foreplay. It was so great that Parrot could have rolled that ball all around my body all day long to keep me in a perpetual state of bliss, but that wouldn’t have been fair.

It gets better. There’s a set of two additional attachments that you can buy separately that take the Revel Body SOL to a whole new level. I loved the Niko’s raised tip for an amplified pounding sensation of the first three settings. The Cona is a concave raised tip attachment that can be used under water for the closest equivalent to great oral sex. The shape produces a suction sensation when it’s place near, but not inside the clitoris or nipple. Ooh! Feels fantastic!

Before you debate the worthiness of spending $14.99 on two medical grade silicone nubs, you can’t buy a sex toy at any price for what these attachments do, and you’re adding another 12 features to the Revel Body SOL. So totally worth it!

I’m always looking for great ways to store and organize my sex toys and attachments and charging cords and plugs. Revel Body sent me the travel bag with the vibrator and attachments to review. I would have really loved this if there was room to store the charging stand and plug. While it comes with an extra USB charging cord, which you really don’t need, and wall charger plug, you can buy the plug separately.

The only other thing that disappointed me about the Revel Body SOL were the power and speed buttons. They’re a little too small to find and press while using it. If they were a little bigger and easier to find by touch, it would be perfect. However, they’re not a deal breaker.

Overall, I love the Revel Body SOL. It packs a lot of power, is versatile, and charges and holds a charge well. It performs so much differently than any other sex toy on the market. I highly recommend it for people who are looking for more than just the big bang orgasm, which the Revel Body SOL delivers, in their sexual play and exploration. My concerns are that it takes a while to experiment and get acquainted with it, especially if it’s a first-time sex toy for someone. I had the advantage of talking to Robin Elenga, Revel Body’s founder and CEO about it, and it was still a big learning curve for me. I spent a lot of time discovering all the things it can do. I felt as if I only scraped the tip of the iceberg in explaining what the Revel Body SOL does in this review. A series of instructional videos on the attachments and features would help and explain a lot for users. But once you get acquainted with it, I assure that you’ll love it.

I also hope that Revel Body comes out with other products using the TrueSonic® technology, perhaps products that are vaginally and anally insertable and are better suited for male and couples play. It could have some real winners in its and users hands.