Review: 6 Shades of Scarlet From Adam & Eve

With that shady movie coming out for Valentine’s Day, a PR rep from Adam & Eve offered to send me some items from the company’s Scarlet BDSM line for review. Of course I was up for it knowing how many curiously kinky partners are checking out bondage toys and gear for the first time. I didn’t expect to get six items to review. Let’s just say that this big package of fun kept me busy.

AGWDM ae scarlet bedroom bondage AGWDM products I endorseFirst up is my favorite of the collection – the Scarlet Bedroom Bondage set. It’s a set of webbed straps with plastic adjusters that can be customized for any size bed or body. I have a similar set from another company that I love, but what I like about this set even more is that the wrist and ankle cuffs have the softest furry lining. They’re a loving, pampering way to be restrained while being toyed with, having fun with sensation play, or driven to the edge. The wrap around Velcro design makes them quick and easy to put on and take off, which is especially important from a safety standpoint or if either or both partners lose self-control, which is something that always happens with me and Parrot. The Scarlet Bedroom Bondage set is something every couple needs. It’s a Product I Endorse.

AGWDM ae duo ballsMy second favorite from the Scarlet collection are the Scarlet Couture Glass Duo Balls. The two 1-inch glass balls can be cooled (stick them in the freezer for about 10 minutes) or heated (stick them in a small bowl of hot water for a few minutes) for temperature play. I found that using a warming lube keeps the sensations hotter for a longer period of time. They also gave me the incentive to get out to the mall to get back into my walking routine since the cold Michigan temperatures sometimes icy pavements have been my lame excuse from getting out there. If you’re at a desk all day like me, they’re a great way to maintain your kegel workout, too. Try alternating squeezing your butt cheeks moving your butt cheeks back and forth in your chair for some secret naughty fun. I love the flexible silicone harness/retrieval ring. It made it easy to insert and take out. The balls are easy to pull out and put back in the harness for easy cleaning and storage. Just a hint — if you’re prone to squirting, you’ll probably want to slip on a mini pad while wearing theses balls. Whether you use kegel balls for fun or sexual health, these are a good pick.

AGWDM ae collarI can’t decide whether I love or hate the Scarlet Come to Me Collar and Leash. The pinpointed dotted faux black leather collar and faux red leather trim looks a bit tacky and isn’t finished neatly on the ends. Once I got it on, I didn’t look half bad. I love the rhinestone that surround the collar and the faux leather is soft and comfortable to wear. The Velcro attachment at the back makes it easy to take on and off and fits a wide range of necks, especially for larger size submissives. The 1-inch width is doesn’t limit neck movement or make it uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time like wider collars. I wasn’t crazy about the stiff black faux leather leash. It’s cheap and tacky looking but it’s serviceable. However, it’s detachable and can be replaced with a leash of your choice. Overall, it’s a good, but not excellent, collar for BDSM beginners or occasional players.

AGWDM ae cuffsThe Scarlet Bound to Surrender Cuffs are also a good for curious kinksters or occasional players. They’re made of the same faux black leather and faux red leather trim as the Scarlet Come to Me Collar. They’re soft and comfortable to wear without risk of leaving marks on the skin if worn for an extended time or during rough play. It would have been nice to see the ends finished a little more neatly. Without the rhinestone detail, they look good on men and women. There’s enough leeway in the wrap-around Velcro attachments to fit anyone of any size. They come with a double-sided clasp so they can be locked together.

AGWDM ae scarlet blindfoldI almost liked the Scarlet Obey Me Blindfold. For as much as I don’t care for the looks of the pin-pointed dotted black faux leather and the red faux leather trim, they are comfortable in a plushy way to wear. On the downside, no matter how I positioned these over my eyes, I could see a bit out of the bottom. These are a pass. There are better options out there, even if you’re really after a matched set with the cuffs and collar.

AGWDM ae scarlet floggerI didn’t like the Scarlet Pure Punishment Flogger at all. The fringed-end black and red nylon rope did nothing for me on the pain or pleasure spectrums. It also looks like a cheesy DIY kinky craft project and has a funky smell.

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3 Comments on Review: 6 Shades of Scarlet From Adam & Eve

  1. Bobbie I’ve a question about your thoughts when it comes to toys like the “Scarlet Come to Me Collar and Leash” about the placement of where the leash should be attached. Here the collar is obviously designed to join at the back and so the ring for the leash would be at the front. So great if you want to be led about. But if I have a sub fantasy (OK, I’ll admit I have a few) it would be for my demanding lover to collar me and then use the leash to keep me on duty orally pleasuring her. So would a front mounting leash work or would it be better to have a leash at the rear of the collar?

  2. Bobbie Morgan // January 27, 2015 at 4:40 pm // Reply

    Never at the back of the neck. That’s a huge choking/asphyxiation risk.

  3. Ooops I didn’t think of that, thanks

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