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A Review of the Complete Astroglide Product Line

For years, I used to pick up my lube at the drug store or supermarket. There are a couple of name brand and even generic lubes that I’ve bought that I really like. But with the dozens of lubes that brands have sent out of me for unbiased reviews, I haven’t had to buy a bottle or tube of lube since last winter.

I often think that blogger reviewers pass up on the opportunity to review and give their opinions on lubes they can pick up with their groceries or things they pick up at their corner drug stores. I often wonder if there’s a bias against lubes that are mass marketed. After all, the local drug store or mega mart are probably the first and easiest places to buy lube.

When Astroglide’s marketing team asked if I wanted to review their lubes, I was totally on board. I’ve never bought or used any of their lubes before. I was curious. In a lot of instances, I was delightfully surprised and impressed.

Astroglide Gel: I’m always looking for good water-based gel, especially to use with sex toys, but Astroglide Gel really disappointed me. It didn’t last long and it got gummy and flaky as soon as it started wearing off. For those of you concerned about glycerin and parabens in lubes, you’ll definitely want to pass on this lube.





Astroglide Liquid: Astroglide Liquid is totally different from Astroglide Gel, but I wasn’t impressed with it for other reasons. It has a nicer initial glide than the gel and it didn’t flake off all over the place after it worked into my skin. It made my skin feel really soft like I had a good skin lotion on it. However,  I felt too much resistance and felt it was counterproductive to how a lube should perform.

Okay, two bad reviews, but don’t stop reading. They get much better.


AGWDM products I endorseAstroglide X Premium Silicone Liquid: Astroglide X Premium Silicone Liquid puts a nice, thin coating on the skin without feeling oily. It doesn’t feel gunky either. If anything, it gives a heavenly glide while feeling like there’s nothing between you and your partner. This takes intercourse to a whole new level. It’s all silicone – no added ingredients to cause health concerns. This is a Product I Endorse – hands down!

AGWDM products I endorseAstroglide Diamond Silicone Gel: For a silicone gel, this is niiiiice! This is not oily at all. It glides like liquid silk. And because it’s not a gel, it will unlikely drip and stain sheets or clothing. It also contains fractionated coconut oil, which gives some of the advantages that the glide that people who rave about coconut oil rave about but has a longer shelf life, won’t go rancid quickly, and Astroglide says it’s latex/condom-safe. You’ll probably want to clean up with soap and water afterward because it has that much staying power – and still keeps skin soft after cleaning up. This is definitely a Product I Endorse, even more so than the X Premium Silicone Liquid.

Astroglide Sensual Strawberry: I’ll admit that I judge flavored lube on an entirely different level, mostly because the best ones make all the difference in making the difference between an “eh” blow job and a spectacular blow job. A great flavored blow job is so much easier and enjoyable. The Sensual Strawberry has a pleasant yet faint flavor. You’ll have to use a lot of it or reapply it often because it wears out quickly. However, it’s still a great lube for fellatio. If you’re the one going down on a guy, this lube makes it so easy to run your lips up and down his shaft – and how can a guy not love that? It’s totally worth the extra lube you’ll have to use. It’s also a good lube for intercourse, masturbation and sex toys if you’re not concerned about glycerin or parabens in your lube. They’re the only things keeping this from being a Product I Endorse.

Astroglide Warming Liquid: As far as warming lubes go, this isn’t the best one I’ve used when it comes to warming performance when massaging on and rubbing it against skin. But blow on it, and oooh!… Things get hot! What I really liked about this water-based liquid is that it performs and lasts as long as many great silicone lubes that I’ve used. This one’s a keeper unless you avoid lubes that contain glycerin and parabens.



AGWDM products I endorseAstroglide Natural: As you’ve probably noticed, I always make mention of glycerin and parabens in lubes for those who are concerned about them. Having Type 1 diabetes, I am prone to yeast infections the moment my blood sugar gets out of control but I’ve never had a lube containing glycerin set one off. And unless you’re dumping and inserting bottles of lubes that contain parabens on or into yourself on a daily basis, I personally don’t get overly concerned about them.

I’ve tried many glycerin- paraben-free lubes and I’m usually less than with impressed with their performance. Astroglide Natural is an exceptional exception. This water-based lube has a great slide like a liquid silicone lube and lasts a lot longer than most water-based lubes I love. And I’m all over any kind of lube or skin care products that contain aloe and Vitamin E for their skin softening and restorative properties. Astroglide Natural is definitely a lube you want to keep in your nightstand and a Product I Endorse.

AGWDM products I endorseAstroglide Sensitive Skin Ultra Gentle Gel: I like that Astroglide makes a lube for sensitive skin. For some people, masturbation and intercourse can bring on skin irritation. But you don’t have to have sensitive skin to really like this water-based gel lubricant. This has a luxurious, cushy glide that lasts a long time and holds up for the long haul. It also contain aloe, which I love for its skin-healing benefits. It’s also glycerin- and paraben-free. I’m making Astroglide Sensitive Skin Ultra Gentle Gel a Product I Endorse. I’m sure you will, too.

See an Astroglide lube that interests you? Go to Astroglide’s Get a Sample page and try one out for yourself.