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Review: Dishing the Dirt on Baci’s Dreams Dirty Laundry Lingerie Costumes & Stockings

I’m a stocking gal. When I saw Baci’s new Dreams stockings line, I just went a-flip-a-flap-a-fluffle. So many patterns textures and decorative band details that I rarely see or can find in the stores. I just had to try a few pairs.

When I found out that the stockings came with coordinating lingerie costumes, that really upped the ante. When a Baci representative asked if I wanted to try one of the costumes, I gave her two choices to pick from to send me.

She sent both: the Dirty Laundry and the Do Not Disturb French Maid ensembles with the coordinating stockings. Lucky me!

The Dirty Laundry ensemble comes with an almost full coverage padded underwire bra top. There’s a little extra sculpted padding on the bottom to give the girls a nice lift. The construction, fabric and tailoring is on par with bras that cost just as much, if not more, than this costume set ($41.99).

One of my few complaints about this set are that the bra straps are too short, but they are removable. Problem solved! Once I took them off, the cups and the back didn’t ride up on me and everything held together in place nicely. The tie back on the bra allows for a flexible and secure fit as well as a non-complicated way to get undressed … or do the undressing.

The white ruffle on the top of the bra is finished in a way that I rarely see in moderately priced clothing. The fabric is tightly gathered and sewn onto the top of the bra. I am really excited about this since I’ve never seen this level of tailoring at this price point. The 94% polyester/6% Spandex fabric holds the shape exceptionally well. The small black satiny bows on the outsides of the cups are a nice touch, too.

Since I mentioned Spandex, don’t freak out. This blend is all about softness, flow and drape, which Baci does well with the coordinating skirt. It has a feminine flounce and is wickedly short. The Spandex gives the banded waistline that falls between the waist and the hips just enough give to accommodate any Size 8-14 waistline. (I reviewed a size M/L. I wear a Size 10/36B.) The fabric and the tailoring will flatter any size tummy, hips or bum.

Once you put the little elastic band of the makeshift maid’s cap around your head, it’s another detail Baci does well.

Just to note, this costume set does not come with panties, but everyone owns a little black G-string, right?

The Stripe Thigh High Bow coordinating stockings, which are sold separately, are to die for! They have an opaque black thick stripe with darling black and white polka dot satiny bows on the back of the legs. For you tall and long-legged gals, you’ll love them. They run long, but at 5 feet, 2 inches, I was able to work around them without having the stripes looking too bunched up anywhere on my legs. I could easily get another pair or two of these to go with my fall and winter skirts. They’re perfect with wool, tweed and leather. My suede pumps and leather boots are ready for them when the time comes. They’re a great way to be sexy at work without anyone knowing. Now that’s empowering! At $14.99 a pair, the quality exceeds the price.

My only complaint about the stockings are that the bands are a bit tight and a bit too thick for the front garter clips that are sewn into the skirt. Since these are thigh-highs, you can get by without the garter straps or just use them with thinner stockings.

When I thought about what I was going to do with two French maid costumes, my doubts cleared away once I got the Do Not Disturb ensemble on. These are two entirely different outfits.

At first, I had my doubts about the white lace bikini bra top. I haven’t worn a tie back bikini top since middle school and I haven’t worn a bra without underwire support for the past 20 years. But voila! This was flattering, beautiful. The soft, white lace makes it happen. It lays nicely on the shape and curves of the breasts and it has just a hint of sheen. The lace is hemmed on the peek-a-boo slits so they won’t unravel. And once again, Baci did not skimp on using the proper amount of soft black tulle to create a darling ruffle on the bottom elastic tie of this bra top.

The tulle is the softest I’ve ever felt on a garment at this price point ($41.99). Once again, Spandex, all 8% of it woven into the polyester, is your friend. Baci did not skimp on the rusching on the elastic waistband of the skirt to give it a sleek flounce over the hips and midsection. The lace sewn onto the hem of this skirt was not spared either. The front garter straps on the skirt are detachable if you don’t want them. But I’ll give all of you bum-shy ladies fair warning; this skirt bottom is short. It doesn’t cover much of the behind even when you’re standing straight up and wasn’t designed to do so. And you will want to wear the matching G-string (which has an adjustable strap on the back so that it really does span Sizes 8-14) when making an entrance.

The lace over-the-hand cuffs really add to the demure yet daring look. The little black bows, which are also on the bra top, add a classy touch.

Then there are the coordinating thigh-highs. Yowsah! These are the sexiest fishnets I’ve ever worn, and Baci really put the net it fishnet. No matter how tall or how big your legs are, these white fishnets have a lot of give yet hold their shape very comfortably. The matching lace ruffle on top is so ooh-la-la, and once again, there’s that thin little satiny black bow at the back of the legs. At $10.99 a pair, these are beyond a great deal.

Both outfits and the stockings washed extremely well. I admit that I’m lazy about doing hand wash, which is recommended. I threw them in a lingerie bag in cold water and Woolite in the washer. I hung the garments to dry and laid my stockings to dry on a towel. It’s a great way to keep stockings from stretching out when they’re wet.

I know I’ve probably gone on in way too much detail about fabric, tailoring, and fit, but I get excited about this level of quality. They really take the campiness out of role playing costumes. I’m even more excited that both of these outfits looked great on me and made me feel extra sexy.

Of course, there’s one other person’s opinion that counts in this review. The lace and tulle Do Not Disturb costume and fishnet stockings were Parrot’s favorite. He admitted from a guy’s point of view that the peek-a-boo nipple slits were quite caliente. After all, he’s seen me naked. He wasn’t fooled by the false advertising padding of the Dirty Laundry bra top. And like me, he was impressed with the quality and that the costumes didn’t look tacky. He liked the cuffs, too.

Now about the other 18 pairs of stockings and coordinating costumes in Baci’s Dreams Collection. Consider them to be on my birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s Day/National Police Week /back-to-school/International Nurse’s Day wish list.