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Review: Every Couple Needs to Have a California Exotics Scandal Love Sling

I have to admit that I had a bit of what-the-fuckness when California Exotics sent me its Scandal Love Sling to review. Believe it or not, I’ve never used one before.

I figured the photo of the woman on the package with a strap around her neck that was connected to the stirrups on the bottom of her thighs was an indication of how to use it. After all, sex toys almost never come with instructions. At least this one didn’t.

Kids, don’t try that at home … or anywhere. Your neck will be in a world of hurt if you leverage it to keep your legs up and spread in the air this way.

But what if you used the stirrups for your feet?

Ah ha! That did the trick!

After making the proper adjustments, voila! The padded strap around my head pulled up to the bottom of the back of my head, and I could keep my legs spread up and open easily like never before!

I’ve never had a problem keeping my legs up for lengths at a time for deep penetration. Hell, get enough of those feel good hormones pumping through my body and my toes can touch the wall behind the bed, but I usually use Parrot’s chest to support the back of my thighs. Using the Love Sling was a totally different experience. It made it so much easier to keep my legs fanned out with no hands or anything to support my legs.

Once I got to love the Scandal Love Sling in this position, I got to love the padded sections that go behind the back of the head and on my feet. The front of the pads are festooned in a decadent red and black brocade fabric and lined with a very soft black short cut furry fabric. So plush, glam, naughty and oh so comfy! What a way to set the mood! I could stay in this position for a good, long time because it feels so good, even when I’m being drilled through like tundra on an Arctic oil field.

Well, I’ll see about that drilling thing in about a week, but I had a hell of a test run with a vibe I had to review.

The webbed straps are easy to adjust to fit my size and comfort level.

I’m pretty sure the Scandal Love Sling will be a staple in my bedroom. I’d make a Product I Endorse, but I haven’t used other sex slings to make any comparisons. This is something everyone needs to have in their bedroom.

Since California Exotics, which sent me the Scandal Love Sling for my unbiased review, doesn’t have a purchase link, you can get it at A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique.

I do make a sales commission through this link, but my enthusiastically favorable review is not intended to put a few bucks in my pocket. If you’re familiar with my reviews, you know I am straight-up honest about anything I review. The last thing I want is someone buying something based on my evaluation and opinion and telling me that they wasted their money.

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