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Review: LifeStyles a:muse His & Hers Massagers Definitely Amused Me

Some time ago, I sent Parrot a disposable vibrating cock ring. We played around with it to see how the vibrator would feel on his balls and on my clit. I was hoping that he’d get a charge out of the way it buzzed on his shaft. His verdict: “Eh. It was okay.” It wasn’t anything he was in a big hurry to use again. It just wasn’t his thing.

But I loved it! I love when he goes deep into me, and having that little vibe press against my clit when we couldn’t get ourselves connected any further gave a 5-star fuck and extra star.

So when a LifeStyles PR rep offered to send out a set of LifeStyles a:muse His & Hers pleasure massagers for a review, I was in.

The set includes a thermoplastic non-toxic, phthalate-free jelly disposable vibrating cock ring and finger massager, hence the his and hers.

Since Parrot wasn’t around, I used the cock ring on a Bswish Bdesired Deluxe Pearl vibrator that I’ll be reviewing very soon. (I assure you that this phallic-shaped vibrator didn’t come close to being a replacement for Parrot. It was the best make-do prop that I had on hand.) The super-stretchy ring was easy to slide on and off. It didn’t seem tight enough to constrict blood flow as a cock ring, but it held the vibrator in place well. The ring needed a little straightening so it wouldn’t get bendy and twisty around the shaft. I’d recommend using a little bit of lube so any nearby hairs won’t get pulled. Water- or silicone-based lubes are safe to use the ring and the massager. I tried using it with a condom on my vibe. That helped hold it into place.

Performance-wise, this little bullet packs a pleasant yet powerful vibe on my clitoris, even on the lowest of the three speeds. I didn’t notice any special effects from the raised brushy dots on the vibrator, but I could love it for a long time, even though it’s only good for the 45-minute life of the battery. When I wrapped the ring around a couple of fingers, they felt a very light buzzy kind of vibe, which can be a major bonus for guys who don’t like to get overstimulated when they’re already stimulated.

I may never go back to using a bare finger after using the finger massager. Lifestyles should have named this a:maze instead of a:muse. The power is evenly distributed all over the bullet inside the jelly encasement, all along the bumpy textured length and on the ribbed curved tip that you wear on the underside if the pad of your finger. It felt heavenly on all three speeds, and definitely the best vibrator I’ve used for the clitoris and labia, and I’ve had my hands on some fancy and expensive clitoral vibes over these past few months.

Aside from both of these rings having a very limited use time, my only complaint was that they took a bit of extra scrubbing to get the textured parts completely gunk free. Totally worth it in my mind. The on/off/power button on both of the vibes were easy to push to operate. I don’t know about you, but I like not having to think about how to use a pleasure product when I want to think about other supremely sensational sensations.

AGWDM products I endorseWorth it? Very, if you want something fun and different to change things up, and the total of the set is competitively priced to other similar products. A Product I Endorse? You bet!

Since LifeStyles does not have a purchase link on its site, you can get the LifeStyles a:muse His & Hers pleasure massager at Amazon. By clicking on the ad below, a portion of the purchase price goes toward supporting this blog.