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Review: Ohhh! These Little Vibes Can Caress and Touch Me Any Time!

AGWDM OHHHThere have been times when I’ve wanted a small and simple click on and go vibrator. Nothing complicated, just something that worked well and did the job.

When Golden Triangle sent over its Ohhh Caressand Touch vibrators for my unbiased review, I got more than I asked for.

I never thought I’d ever call vibrators “gosh darn cute”, but these are. They’re tiny, 4½ inches long (3½ inches insertable) and 1 inch in diameter and made of baby butt soft silicone.

But could these single AAA battery-powered babies do the job that a grown woman requires? Oh, yes, they do, with a light yet strong buzzy vibe. It’s the kind of vibe that made my nerve endings and orgasms stand on edge in a delicate tingly kind of way. All they need is a twist of the dial at the bottom or the base to get them going at the speeds I wanted.

The straight-lined Touch that I got in coral (actually a vibrant hot pink) and the slightly more curvaceous and textured Caress that I got in saturated pastel lavender are so girly-girly feminine. (Both come in teal, as well.) They’re the perfect size to throw in a purse, overnight bag or carry-on suitcase. Just don’t use them for anal play. They could get stuck.

AGWDM products I endorseI can’t get over how these little cuties perform so well, are made of silicone, and only cost $13! The Ohhh Touch and Caress are definitely Products I Endorse!

Since Golden Triangle does not have purchase links on its site, product links direct to A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique where I receive a commission on purchases. My favorable review and endorsements are not intended to drive sales to this site. I really am crazy about these products.