Review: The Sexy Side of Sleepmasks

AGWDM tiger sleepmaskI’ve always thought sleepmasks were sexy. Ever since I was a little kid, I was enthralled whenever I saw some 1940’s starlet don them, usually while wearing a long, flowing negligee and lounging back in a chaise lounge. I usually saw women like that when I visited my grandma. She loved watching old-time movies on TV. Jean Harlow and Betty Grabel were two of her favorite actresses. I wished I could be one of those women. A diva!

I’ve kind of forgotten about sleepmasks since I’ve grown up and after my grandmother passed away over 20 years ago. When Bob from Eye Pajamas Sleepmasks asked me if I wanted to review one of his hand-made sleepmasks, my lost inner daydreamer child said, “Yes!” Would a tiger sleepmask do? Of course. Growl! Even that fierce side of me needs to sleep.

I got the sleepmask in the mail in two days! I was impressed with the craftsmanship – a lightweight cotton fabric print on the outside that’s neatly finished with a cotton orange trim. There are not one, but two elastic straps that go around the ears and a wide adjustable elastic strap that comes around the back of the head. This sleepmask didn’t go anywhere; it didn’t slip at all.

AGWDM tiger sleepmask back

I was even more impressed with the slightly padded black satin lining that covers the eyes. Satin against skin, oh yes, please! Then I noticed the extra padding under the eyes and around the nose. It’s what made the sleepmask super comfortable to wear. That and the way the mask wrapped around the sides of my face made sure that I couldn’t see a thing. Not one speck of light.

Did they help me sleep? Yes. I’m horrible about falling asleep and not having any ambient lights distract me helped a lot. It stayed on all night, had a quality sleep, but it felt a little funny feeling totally blacked out when I started waking up in the morning. I forgot I had the sleepmask on. But that’s just me.

The other practicality I saw in this sleepmask had nothing to do with sleep. I’ve never worn a blindfold that was so comfortable to wear and totally blocked my vision. I couldn’t see a thing up, down or around me. I mentioned this to Bob when he asked me how I liked the sleepmask. I suggested that he market these as blindfolds for the kink crowd.

“I make these in vinyl and leather, too” he said. “Would you like for me to send you one?”

I got the black vinyl one, and it’s ooooh so sexy! It had the same comfort and fit as the cotton tiger print sleepmask that he originally sent. I tried my best to get a picture of myself in it to see how it looked. It’s not the easiest way to get a picture of myself without being able to see, but what I got made me think, “Damn sexy!” Everyone who has at least an ounce of kink in them needs to have one of these.

AGWDM vinyl sleepmask

I only wish that the vinyl sleepmask had the same black satin lining as the cotton tiger sleepmask. The vinyl backing is fine for play but isn’t very comfortable for sleeping.

I admit that I’m super-picky about sewing and tailoring, especially when it comes to custom-made items. Bob does an expert job. His work is neat and flawless.

If you’re not a tiger girl or guy, Eye Pajama Sleepmasks come in 11 other cotton prints, 10 solid satin colors, and two solid metallic colors, silver and gold. The vinyl and leather sleepmasks are available by request. You can order them at They’re a Product I Endorse!

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