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Review: A Siri-ously Good Time with the Lelo Siri 2

AGWDM lelo siri 2Not to be confused with the iPhone voice-activated app, the new sound-activated Lelo Siri 2 clitoral sound-activated vibrator tells you where to go – and, oh, the places you’ll go!

I never tried the original Siri, but Lelo says that the Siri 2 is 100% more powerful.

They’re not kidding when they say powerful.

There are eight levels of vibration intensities. To control the vibration levels, all you have to do is press the indented plus (+) and minus (-) keys on the right and left respectively. Compared to some other vibrators I have, the first level is as strong as the strongest setting. I have to warn you, once you get to the fifth or sixth level, you’ll have to hold on tight to it. Mine slipped out of my hand, onto my nightstand, bounced around a bit, and then traveled on the carpet.

There are eight vibration patterns. Each of them have musical names – Classical, Reggae, Rumba, Folk, Hip-Hop, Soul, Techno and Jazz. Music styles have nothing to do with their pulsation or escalation patterns, but each of them are great. Personally, I’m not a fan of pulse and vibration pattern settings on most vibrators I’ve tested and reviewed, but the Siri 2’s vibration patterns flow smoothly with no jarring or interrupting gaps of the vibrations. The vibration pattern controls can be changed by hitting the up and down keys on the top and bottom of the control pad. It’s all very simple. I love when vibrators have simple controls. I really don’t want to think about what I have to do when I’m enjoying myself. It breaks the mood when I have to stop, concentrate and figure things out.

How the Siri 2 does make music so to speak is with its ninth sound-activated vibration setting. Cycle up past the eighth vibration pattern setting, hit the up and down keys simultaneously. It picks up ambient sounds and voices from as far as 5 or 6 feet away, but how it performs best is to music. I recommend loading up your music app with some hard-driving songs with quick tempos and low bass beats and you’ll be beating off like a she-demon. Some sexy and masturbation-themed songs you might enjoy with your Siri 2 include:

Oye Como Va – Santana
Tush – ZZ Top
Holiday Song – The Pixels
Add it Up – The Violent Femmes
It’s Only Me – Barenaked Ladies
Orgasm Addict – The Buzzcocks
Controversy – Prince
Dancing with Myself – Billy Idol
Pump it Up – Billy Squier

I admit that I’m dating myself with this playlist and these aren’t the most romantic songs, but they’re extremely well-suited for Siri 2’s sound-activation capabilities and the blast-the-roof-off orgasms that it delivers.

Siri 2 is my second favorite bath mate. Take it in the tub with you and then enjoy a nice, relaxing soak. Trust me, you’ll be relaxed afterward. Thoroughly relaxed.

Siri 2 a low-pitched rumbly kind of vibe like Al Green’s voice except that it’s whisper quiet. I wasn’t aware of any sound until I got up to the fourth power setting. Even then, it’s pretty unobtrusive.

I can’t get over how small and mighty this little thing is. It’s the shape of a flattened egg, only a little longer. The silicone skin is velvety soft. It’s easy to hold, but it would have been ergonomically perfect if it was just a wee bit bigger. The plastic base is sleek but gets a little bit slippery if you have lube on your hands.

Siri 2 held its charge longer than the two hours Lelo says it does and it comes to a full charge in two hours. It comes with a satiny storage bag that fits the Siri 2 and its USB charging cord. It’s available in black, pink and purple and comes with a 1-year warranty. Another bonus: the Siri 2 locks and unlocks by pressing the + and – keys down at the same time. Great for traveling when you don’t want a tightly-packed carry-on (like mine!) accidentally setting off Siri 2.

AGWDM products I endorseI’m grateful that Lelo sent me the Siri 2 for my unbiased review. I’ll be using it quite often. It’s a Product I Endorse and is available on the Lelo website.