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Review: Uber Love for Uberlube

I never thought I’d be doing a hair care product review, but I’ll get to that in a few moments.

I was sent a very nice package of products and samples from Uberlube in exchange for my unbiased review.

I’ve heard lots of people say how much they love Uberlube. They talk about it with a reverence that’s like the way some people talk about Mercedes Benz when it comes to cars.

In a way, Uberlube is like a Benz. It’s a silicone lube like no other. Instead of being slick with everything it comes in contact with, Uberlube has an almost invisible glide. It’s like gliding on skin and being able to feel skin instead of it being a slick barrier between touch points.

I also love that Uberlube doesn’t involve a lot of post-coital/post-masturbation cleanup. Like I mentioned earlier, it has almost an invisible glide, which means it doesn’t get messy all over my skin and everything else it touches.

Uberlube is expensive, but very little goes a long way and performs well in very big ways. I found that I only needed one premeasured pump of Uberlube that comes out to be smaller than a dime to get me to where I want to go. In the long-run it’s an exceptional deal as well as an exceptional silicone lube.

Then I took a look at the product information that came with my delivery. Uberlube for athletes? I’m not a serious athlete, but it’s recommended to reduce chafing for runners, cyclists, soccer players and cheerleaders to diminish chafing. It’s even recommended for swimmers to reduce friction, improve glide, and even protect hair from chlorine exposure and damage. Of course that makes sense. Silicone doesn’t wash off the body by water alone.

Speaking of hair, this is where Uberlube comes in as my surprise hair care treatment.

I have fine and thinning hair. The one thing I have going for my hair at my ago is that I don’t have a single gray hair. However, the dryness and age have make it look a little dull. Every time I get my hair done, a stylist will always try to talk me into a treatment to give my hair shine. For $50? And it only lasts a month? No thank you!

One of Uberlube’s suggestions is to use it to tame, detangle, defrizz and give hair shine.

I was suspicious. Any time I’ve used a shine treatment at home, all I got was a flat, sticky or greasy mess.

Since I have short hair, all it took was a drop to add to my other styling product to give my hair a shine I haven’t seen in I don’t know how long. It’s so brag-worthy that I just had to show it off.

And it’s a lot less expensive than dumping $50 a month at the hair salon … or a Mercedes Benz.

AGWDM products I endorseMy uber love for Uberlube makes it a Product I Endorse.