Toys in the Boudoir

‘Room Service’ Role Playing with a Chocolate Caress

AGWDM KS kama sutra chocolate caress honey dustParrot was busy checking email on his smart phone. He had seized a chance-by-luck opportunity to get wireless service in our room at an inn on the Northern California coast where we spent the past weekend. While he was distracted, I changed into a sexy, frilly French maid ensemble, knocked on the door, and announced, “Room service,” as I walked into the room.

Role playing is a bit new to us, but I had the perfect props — the costume and a tin of Chocolate Caress Honey Dust Body Powder that the lovely people at Kama Sutra had sent me. How could I not pass up this opportunity?

He got up to check me out from my cap down to my fishnet stockings and stiletto sling back pumps and then back up again.

“But I didn’t call for room service,” he said.

He was playing along well. As always, he’s quick on the uptake, even when he’s blindsided. He also has a wild and vivid imagination and writes some pretty steamy, romantic erotica, and writes it much better than me.

“Oh, I’m just here to do some dusting and make you hot chocolate,” I said coyly, backing him up to the foot of the four poster bed.

I knocked him on his butt onto the edge of the bed with the force of two fingers.

“Get undressed,” I told him.

After all, how could a man, even a tall man with a strong and lean runner’s body, resist the command of a “maid” dressed in a lace peek-a-boo bra top and a black tulle skirt that didn’t do a very good job of covering her behind? Even a woman like me who’s a full 12 inches shorter than him – eight inches shorter in the heels I was wearing.

The plume of silky feathers on the small handle of the duster I held in my hand was not intended to dust furniture. It wasn’t a silly prop. It did quite the job of taking his mind off his work email. I ran the feathers under his chin, and then slowly up and down the front of his neck and down his chest. My fingers alone could never raise the level of arousal that usually gets those nerve endings tingling just underneath the surface of his skin.

“Mmm…” he sighed. “Smells like hot chocolate.”

I dipped the feathers into the powder again. This time, I ran them down the crevice between my breasts.

“It tastes like hot chocolate, too,” I said.

As soon as the tip of his tongue sampled my cleavage, it was like, “Boom!” Things got hotter than even I anticipated.

It’s not just role playing and sex toys that can add another dimension to your intimate exploration. Smell, taste and different kinds of touch, especially on parts of the body that often get ignored during foreplay and lovemaking. Think of sex as indulging in the senses, and great sex as indulging in all of them.

AGWDM KS honeysuckle honey dustWhen it comes to indulgences, that’s why Kama Sutra’s Honey Dust is one of my favorite pleasure products. Its Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust had been a favorite of mine even before they sent me another can of it. (Thank you, Kama Sutra!) The scents and flavors are authentically tasty and aromatic – so authentic that you’ll want to be covered in and have them kissed and licked off of you.

If chocolate and honeysuckle don’t appeal to your senses of taste or smell (I can’t imagine how that could be possible), Honey Dust also comes in Strawberry Dreams and Raspberry Kiss. I’m curious to combine them with the Chocolate Caress.

And, yes, Kama Sutra Honey Dust really is kissable, lickable and edible. The main ingredient is finely milled and sifted corn starch with touch of honey, sodium and sucrose to kick up the flavors/aromas.

On the skin, the scents are subtle yet long lasting. They leave people thinking, “Hmm … What’s she wearing?” I got that question from a lady in an elevator at a department store. She couldn’t pinpoint that I was wearing Sweet Honeysuckle until I told her. She told me that she had to get some.

For Parrot, he says, “It’s all about the feather.” He’s the kind of guy who can get just as or more turned on by having his body touched and caressed than having an orgasm. The feather plume applicator that comes with the Honey Dust is all about pampering on the level of draping silk, satin or velvet on your or your lover’s skin.

AGWDM KS banner candles 250This post is brought to you by Kama Sutra. Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.