Sandra LaMorgese’s ‘Switch’ – Is it Time for Your Change?


SwitchCoverWORKING-FILE (1)I typically don’t like to read autobiographies. I pass on these types of book pitches often. A lot of people have interesting life stories, but they’re not so interesting that I have to read about them for hundreds of pages. These have included some people I’ve known personally, even a distant family member.

But Sandra LaMorgese’s Switch: Time for a Change is different. Aside from the fact that I really like Sandra, her story about how she how she changed her life post-divorce in her early to mid-50’s, especially when it came to dating, sex and sexuality, is personal, powerful and honest, and not just the parts in which she decided to become a Dominatrix at 55.

Yes. A Dominatrix. At 55. Even she admits, “If you had told me ten years ago that I would kick a man straight in the balls wearing six-inch heels, blood-red lipstick, black eye shadow, and false eyelashes, I would have kicked you out of my house.”

Aside from getting an inside look into her training and sessions at a Manhattan BSDM dungeon, Sandra’s midlife sexual evolution is more than just about spanking, knife play and humiliating grown-ass masters of the universe. It was her way out of getting pummeled by a financial-crushing business blow. It was also part of discovering her sexual side and how it built her confidence in all aspects of her life, including dating. And what person who has gone through a divorce or lost a spouse or partner in midlife has said to themselves: “This is nothing like dating was like when I was in college or in my 20s!”?

BDSM isn’t Sandra’s only sexual interest. She also practices Tantra. While the two practices would seem to be at total opposite ends of the sexual spectrum, they really aren’t. She explains how the five chakras of Tantra play roles in safe, sane and consensual BSDM play.

Talking about tantric sex was also one of her ways of getting people to make serious life changes, even before she stepped into the world of BDSM when she owned a holistic wellness center.

As Sandra puts it, “The people who came to my office were typically there to lose weight, explore anti-aging strategies, or to recover from serious illness. It was rare that my clients were motivated by a personal desire to work out, eat healthy, or sleep well. They were there to solve a problem that had gotten out of control — not to explore a new way of life. My clients would listen patiently to my advice, but they rarely left with any new passion for their holistic wellbeing … If I started talking about Tantric sex, however, their attention would be all mine … The perfect alignment of body, mind, and spirit is what leads to optimal wellness. And guess what? Being sexual is a huge part of that equation. My clients were intrigued by this turn in the discussion—and why wouldn’t they be? We are sexual beings, and there-fore sexual curiosity is innate in all of us.”

While sex plays a huge role in the transformation of Sandra’s life, her book all comes down to this: “This is the story of how, for the first time in my life, I made decisions from a place of love, not fear. How I came to live in peace by believing the Truth of ‘When I ask, I will receive.’”

Switch really brought to light the reasons why I’ve liked Sandra ever since I’ve gotten to know her over a year ago. I highly recommend that anyone give Switch a read if they’re curious about BDSM or Tantra or if they need reasons or the courage to get real or open about their sexuality, especially those who are entering or in the prime of midlife. It’s a very thoughtful, mindful, intelligent and very open-minded memoir. I have no doubt that you’ll find Sandra the kind of person you’d want to be with or be like.

Switch: Time for a Change is available here.

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  1. Yet another book to add to the Leaning Tower of TBR.

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