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Saucy Saturday Stories: National Masturbation Month is on Fire

AGWDM SSS national masturbation month is on fireI think I’m having more fun reading other people’s stories about masturbation and National Masturbation Month than writing my own stories.

Here are some of the most interesting, informative and entertaining stories I’ve come across this past week and a half…

Masturbation Toys for First-Timers & Men

Not every woman has a nightstand drawer full of vibrators. Some women are new to sex toys, and there’s no shame in that. I say, “Yay!” to those discovering them for the first time and knowing what kind of thrill they’re getting. Remember your first time? I bet it wasn’t your last.

In some parts of the world like Nigeria, even in a big city like Lagos, it’s not like you can drive to town or a strip mall to pick up a BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend). Because of religious, political and societal attitudes toward sex, especially sexually sophisticated women, they just don’t exist. It’s what drew a group of Naija women to open Nigeria’s first online sex toy shop, Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart.

Madam Butterfly (@naijadesires), creative director of Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart, shared a great story from the shop’s blog, How to Give Myself an Orgasm. It’s a great guide for learning how to use sex toys for masturbation.

The other thing I like about this article is that it stresses that vibrators aren’t just for women. The article has a couple of great tips for men to use vibrators in their private time, too. I think most men don’t realize how much more fun they can have with vibrators than with Rosie Palm or a Fleshlight.

I’ll be writing more about Madam Butterfly in the next few weeks. She’s working on a fantastic project for #AdultSexEdMonth. If you want a hint, check out the #sextalknaija schedule on the #AdultSexEdMonth Events page.

AGWDM laskamaria yoga pose

The Correct Posture for Masturbation

No matter how kinky or creative you get with your masturbation techniques, sex toy consultant Laskamaria says having the correct posture plays a big role in getting the most bang out of your buckin’ around in bed. The takeaway from her yoga-inspired tips essentially comes down to this: “By relaxing your toes/feet and fingers/hands you can help the orgasmic energy to be released from the body therefore increasing the orgasm flow for an amazing orgasm!!!”

Masturbation for Women Over 50

If you’re a woman over 50, chances are that you were conditioned as a child to believe that masturbation was wrong and just for men. Hopefully, you know, love and appreciate the sexual you are. But for those who need a little encouragement and reinforcement to let go of your hang ups about masturbation, I recommend giving Walker Thornton’s article in Better After 50, It’s National Masturbation Month – Are You Ready to Celebrate?, a read. She also shares more thoughts on and information about masturbation on her personal blog.

The Coffee Break Quickie

Who has ever taken a masturbation break at work? Cara Sutra assures me that I’m not the only one in her post, Masturbation Month update: mid-work wank. Hey, why not? A quickie in the restroom stall (or at your desk or in bed if you work at home) goes a long way toward being more focused and productive the rest of the day.

I also like that Cara is taking on the challenge of masturbating every day during the month of May, not that doing something so pleasurable every day should be a challenge.

While you’re on Cara’s site, check out the new section on her blog, Sex Basics. There’s always something new to learn about stuff we should already know about sex.

Beauty woman with eyes closedPolkadots-me!

Polkadotsi has gotten all over National Masturbation Month (or Masturbation May as it’s called in places outside of the US).

While some women, including me, immediately think of pulling out a power tool to get the most of their “me” time, I loved the idea of using satiny, silky fabrics instead. It can be as easy as using a favorite pair of panties or splurging on satin sheets for your bed. And for as much as I love getting light, feathery touches when I’m being pleasured by my lover, the story, Masturbation Technique: Feathery Light & Barely There reminded me of how and why I should be doing this to myself.

It feels so good, but it’s hard. I have no damn self-control!

Most of us think of masturbation as something we do in private, but I’m giving four “Oh, yeahs” to 4 Reasons to Let Your Guy Watch You Masturbate. If you haven’t done this with, you should. He’ll think it’s hot, and you know what happens when someone gets turned on. It’s contagious … so contagious that I can’t get the Fever earworm out of my head.

On that note, I gotta get back to some … umm … blog post research.