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Sex Blogging Superhero Powers Activate!

AGWDM sex blogging superheroWow! I’m pleased and honored once again to make Kinkly’s list of Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes. (See No. 29.) Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

What really took me by surprise was taking the No. 3 position of one of the new category awards – Top Erotica Blog. I can’t stop giggling about this because I mentioned in a blog post just a few weeks ago that a lot of the erotic short stories Parrot and I have written over the years have actually been about us.

I guess we can legitimately tell people that we have award-winning sex!

(Please pardon the interruption so that I can Skype Parrot, get naked, pour myself a glass of wine, and do the happy dance!)

Seriously, I love this list because it honors and calls attention to so many people who have such strong, creative and intelligent voices in promoting sex positivity.

Aside from the popular votes, I don’t know how the editors of Kinkly put these lists together. There are so many sex bloggers who are equally yet distinctively outstanding, whether they rank No. 1 or No. 100 … and there are so many bloggers I have yet to discover!

What I like about these lists is that there is no one best sex blogger. Each of the bloggers brings a positive and healthy perspective and information about sex over a wide spectrum of interests. There’s something on this list for everyone.

To the folks at Kinkly … *muah!!!!* Thanks for putting out this list and for all the great sex-positive stories and information you share every day!