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Sex is Like Dessert

AGWDM sex is like dessertSex is like dessert because…

…it usually comes after a meal, usually dinner.

…it’s something we don’t get every day. For some people it’s a couple of times a week. Others only get it only once in a while or on special occasions.

…it’s sweet.

…some people feel guilty while they’re having it or afterward, even if it’s really good.

…sometimes they both involve whipped cream or chocolate syrup.

…it’s an indulgence in life.

…it’s something some people have to be talked into having even though they really want it.

…it’s something we crave, sometimes to the point of being distracted or going bonkers until we get it.

…it’s something we lick and savor and don’t want to rush through if it’s really good.

…even if it’s bad or mediocre, it’s still pretty good.