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Sex: It Does a Body Good

The other day I was reading Complementary Sex Concepts on the My Sexual Confessions blog. I was completely taken and amazed by this position he found himself in with a lady friend …

I guess I’ll confess one such “impossible or unlikely position” I was with a woman out for her birthday, and after a night out in the big city we returned to the hotel where the position eventually we were doing was kind of unusual. My erection was bent backwards. Imagine if she though my bottom was so sexy she wanted to fuck it— normally there wouldn’t be one, but I had a very hard erection extending out so that I was able to fuck her with my cock, but with my ass towards her behind. I know, pretty hard to describe, but it was such a hot feeling. Think ass to ass, but with my real penis.

Pretty damn hot if you ask me. I’m sure it was quite a way for his lady friend to celebrate her birthday, too.

I can’t say that I’ve found myself quite that contorted in the act before, but I’ve often been amazed what my body can do and sustain while I’m having sex. There’s no way I could bend my body, spread or lift my hips and legs, or move as vigorously as I do during sex as I could while watching TV on the couch or reading in bed by myself.

Endorphins. They’re a wonderful thing. It’s probably why I really don’t want more than a glass of wine or a few tokes of 420 before having sex. They’re great for getting me in the mood for exceptional sex, but I don’t want anything interfering with that endorphin high when I’m going at it with my lover.

Then I came across this piece of whimsy …

How true.

I can’t say I’ve ever a headache get in the way of having sex or had a hot session take away the pain of a headache, but I’ve had sex take away some extraordinary back pain.

About a dozen years ago I fell on my tailbone twice in one week. The first time I slid down the stairs. A few days later I fell on a patch of ice. I was walking around like a crippled old lady and subsisting on a steady diet of Tylenol 3 for about a week. My boyfriend at the time was sympathetic and mindful of my condition by doting on me, but one particular evening of relaxing and cuddling led to some really active and acrobatic sex. I didn’t even think of saying, “Not tonight, honey,” as one thing led to another.

While I was riding him hard and fast and coming and orgasming like crazy, I realized I was totally oblivious to having a sore tailbone. I was just as amazed at being pain-free into the next morning as I was with the time I had with him. Luckily, I didn’t fuck up my tailbone in a not-so-good way that night.

Technically, sex causes increased production of oxytocin. Before orgasm, oxytocin, which is released from the brain, surges up to five times the normal level, which in turn causes the release of endorphins.

Hmm … I wonder if I’ll have to start going to NA meetings?