Adult Humor

Sex Toy Hacks You Might Want to Use … Or Not

Now That’s What You Call a Wet Pussy

Gives “On the Rag” a Whole New Meaning

Hello Shitty!

Put a (Cock) Ring on It



Door Stopper

They Won’t Extend Your Chair Legs but They’ll Protect Your Wood Floors

NSFW Pen Holder

Bound to be a Decorative Statement

Fashionable Anal Beads

Not Your Mother’s Eyeglass Holder

Get a Grip on It!

This Just Might Stop You From Having That Glass of Wine

Another Way of Giving Head

Good for Plugging Up More Than Butts

Getting Lubricated in More Ways Than One

Another Dirty Use for Your Penis Pump

Ride Me, Baby!

Check Your Lube

Not Exactly What You Had in Mind For Candle Wax Play?