Adult Sex Ed

Sex Toys: Good for Your Sex Life and Your Health

AGWDM sex toys good for your sex life and your health featuredDo you feel squeamish about sexually pleasuring yourself with inanimate objects? Do you think sex toys are just that – toys? A frivolous luxury? Do you think that sex toys are sinful, perverted or used for self-abuse?

It turns out that sex toys are actually good for you and your physical health. Many doctors will even suggest the use of certain sex toys for men and women who need some help with their sexual functioning.

Gentle vibrations stimulate the nerve endings at the surface of the skin and cause your body to increase levels of endorphins, natural chemicals that make you feel relaxed. The effect of your increased sense of well-being slows your heart rate and regulates breathing, thereby reducing stress levels. It’s a much healthier way to reduce stress and your lower heart rate than drinking alcohol or taking prescription medications like Valium.

Vibrators can be used to improve sexual function for people with medical conditions. Diabetes and multiple sclerosis can affect nerve transmission that can dull sexual sensation. People taking medications for high blood pressure and depression can also suffer side effects that limit sexual response. Women who undergo hormonal changes during menopause or suffer nerve damage after surgery sometimes find their clitorises to be less sensitive. A vibrator can be useful to increase arousal.

Strong vibrators like electric-powered wand vibrators increase blood circulation, and with it, levels of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in the massaged area. Increasing blood flow by using a vibrator can also speed up recovery from surgeries like episiotomies and vasectomies. They also ease tense muscles that lie more deeply beneath the skin’s surface to ease muscle discomfort … you know, kind of like for the reason that “Magically” famous wand vibrator was originally intended.

Regular sexual activity, even with a dildo, can help maintain healthy vaginal tissues, especially at the onset of, during and post-menopause. Preventing vaginal atrophy should be taken seriously. Vaginal atrophy can lead to increased vaginal infections because of changes in acid balance. Vaginal atrophy can also lead to frequency and urgency of urination, burning with urination, urinary tract infections, and incontinence.

Men with prostate disorders can use dildos or prostate massagers to drain built-up fluid.

Kegel Balls
Kegel balls are usually recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists to improve the elasticity of the vaginal muscles and to prevent urinary incontinence. You can squeeze these muscles on your own, but the balls provide additional resistance to make sure that you’re really putting effort into working those muscles.