Sexting Websites – A Safe Way to Explore Your Adult Fantasies

AGWDM sextingEven with its risks, sexting and pic trading are here to stay, and exchanging text messages on a sex texting site like AROUSR has a ton of benefits. It’s also a great and safe way to try out new ideas, explore sides of your sexuality you’re not sure about, and can even add some spice to your sex life and relationship.

1. A sexting service ensures the person on the other end of the phone is at least 18 years old.

A sexting site requires two pieces of ID to make sure that each of its chat hosts are at
least 18 years old. It ensures you don’t mistakenly send an explicit text
message for someone it’s not intended, or worse, wind up in the newspaper or on
social media.

2. A secure sexting platform site ensures privacy and confidentiality.
Can you really trust an anonymous or known sexting buddy or even a spouse to keep your sext, pic trading or phone sex messages private? While both parties usually have reputations or more to lose if things go wrong (Remember Anthony Weiner? Both times?), you never know how things can go sideways. Even if you take someone to court under a revenge porn law, the damage has already been done. The Court of Public Opinion never forgets.

Chat hosts on sites like AROUSR do not know the names or phone numbers of people who use the service. They are absolutely forbidden to and will be immediately fired if they disclose anyidentifiable or private information about any of the service’s members if they come across them. The business will not share or sell your contact information.

Using a sexting platform also has additional privacy perks. If you do not want to leave traces of text messages on your phone, there’s a free sexting app available. There’s absolutely no risk in having your mom or grandma seeing your private pics when you’re sharing or showing them pictures from last weekend’s family barbecue or your kid’s birthday party.

3. You can test your ideas with a “real woman” and see how she reacts. Let’s say that you have a fantasy, kink or fetish and you’re not sure if or how you want to bring it up with your partner. Run it by a woman on a sext chat site and see how she responds. You could even ask her for advice on how to bring it up to your partner. Trust me, these ladies have heard everything. They’ll be honest and objective because they have no emotional attachment to you. They’ll be tactful and helpful because they want to come back (as well as come!) and
hopefully refer others to her.

Connecting with a woman on a sex texting site, or even through phone sex or video or Skype sex sessions, can be a great way to explore fantasies that are purely that – fantasies – things that would be impossible or not sure if you want to carry out in real life.

And you don’t have to keep your sext life secret from your partner. Bring your partner in on the fun and see where things take off from there. Call it foreplay before the foreplay!

AGWDM arousr banner adThis post is brought to you by AROUSR. Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.

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11 Comments on Sexting Websites – A Safe Way to Explore Your Adult Fantasies

  1. I don`t take pictures but I do sext.

  2. I’m looking for older women willing to talk dirty and send nudes

    • Bobbie Morgan // August 17, 2015 at 1:17 pm // Reply

      Joshua, I normally delete comments like yours several times a week because the article makes it fairly obvious where you can find women who will talk dirty to you and send you nude pictures.

  3. Want to see women finger there’self

  4. Hello Bobbie. You need not approve this for public display (I understand the tie-in, and I hope they paid you well for it ;) ), but every profile on Arousr looks like a professional sex worker, and that sort of thing does not appeal to many users out there. The very first profile I look at says: “I appreciate so much all credits and tips spent on me!” Um, no thanks. That and an over-abundance of 20-somethings with porn star names (Brandy, Brandi, Jasmine, Jazmine, Jazzmine…you get the idea) is a clue that something is amiss. I think for many of us, we would rather chat with “real” people just like we would find on a normal dating site, not paid actors/workers. In fact, a safe “sexting” platform for that very purpose, paid by the month, might even be a good business idea. Anyone listening?

    • Bobbie Morgan // August 29, 2015 at 8:52 pm // Reply

      I think it’s a fabulous idea to have a safe and secure app-to-app members only sexting platform. It makes perfect sense. I’ve sent your suggestion to the owner of AROUSR.

  5. I think we should be able to talk without buying credits i mean it does say free

    • Bobbie Morgan // October 6, 2015 at 9:21 am // Reply


      Your reading skills must be limited. Right below it aays “Chat for Free,” it says, “Open an account now and get 100 FREE CREDITS to chat with anyone on the system”. It’s the same approach that a lot of online services use to try out them on a limited basis before paying to use it on a full regular basis.

      It takes money to operate and pay the people who provide a website and service of any kind. Do you really think these women are willing to sacrifice time they could be earning a living or enjoying their free time personally indulging random people in their carnal delights?

      No one owes you or anyone else a free professional service or free sexual favors.

  6. There actually are places that are totally free. I’m a member of two. And no we don’t want a professional service for free. We want normal women that have a genuine interest in sexting. All you offer is porn. And there are tone of places to get that free

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