Adult Sex Ed

Share Your Sex Toys!

Women often think of their dildos and vibrators as substitutes when their men aren’t around or when they don’t have a man in their lives. There are also quite a few men who think, “Geez, why does she need me?” when their woman pulls out a vibrator to help her get off.

My opinion is that it’s a lot more fun to play with sex toys with my lover than play with them by myself.

Personally, I feel that when my lover takes the reins of my favorite rabbit vibrator that it gives him a naughtier experience in pleasing me. I feel the same way, too. There’s something kind of daring and vulnerable about letting him in on my secret pastime. Also, he’s likely to spend more time teasing and tantalizing me than I would if I were using it myself. He also uses it in different and unexpected ways than I when I self-direct my pleasure.

Is it a replacement for him? Oh, hell no! I definitely want him to take over. There still isn’t anything else like the real thing. Sharing my toys is just another way to have fun with each other.

I’ve also used my vibrator on him a time or two when he wasn’t expecting it, especially when he’s blindfolded and cuffed. Sliding it up and down his shaft when I’m playing with his penis with my hands or my mouth gives him some really unexpected and delightful surprises. It’s one of the most fun ways to get his piston primed.

I also reached out to some folks on the Literotica Fetish & Sexuality Central message board to find out how they incorporate sex toys in their together time and got some really great ideas …

Touch 72: I enjoy sex toys used during sex as a way to vary things every now and then… used on her is more common because she’s not as interested in using them on me, but I enjoy them too.

Since things have gotten more vanilla, it’s less often, but every now and then I’ll reach for her bag.

As for jealousy over her toys, nope. I know there are times she masturbates, especially when I’m out of town. There’s no reason it’d bother me.

john_johnson: I like to use toys on my wife while we have sex my goal is to make her co as much as possible and anything that helps me do that I will definitely use to my advantage.

Nige1959: I like using all kinds of toys on my wife and she loves it as well. It helps add a bit of excitement to regular sex. Lately it’s been about using her new big black dildo on her that really excites me but she seems to really come hardest when I play with her clit while she fucks herself hard and fast with it. After she comes I love climbing aboard and fucking her with my own cock. I love that stretched out feeling she has combined the post orgasmic contractions. What a turn on. Vibrators are a wonderful addition, too. It all keeps her very satisfied and satisfies my kink.

peter49parker: I have loved the addition of sex toys to our life for many years now. I use a vibrator on my wife every time we have sex. I just love to make her come, the more times the better for me. I bought one of those strap-on butterflies for during a two-week vacation several years ago. It was a remote controlled device. Went through a few sets of batteries. She loved it. Too bad when our vacation was over, it got put away. I would love to add more toys to our collection and maybe have her use some of them on me.

CB514: We have a bunch of toys we use as part of our regular daily life … different ones for different moods and kinks obviously, some before, some during and some after! But no, I’ve never felt threatened or emasculated by any of them for any reason, and she would tell you that none of them compare to the real thing.

zont: Whatever will maximize her pleasure. We have a drawer full of toys, everything from a jade dildo, which she likes because of the coolness, but mostly vibrators. Over the years some have become favorites, others don’t get used much. Don’t use them as much on me … not the same intensity to the sensation except for the Cum Cup, which I will use when we are masturbating each other.

Experimented with a homemade fucking machine before they got hi-tech, but I got so hot watching her use it that I just had to get into her myself. Finally dismantled it before the kids could find it.


As always, when playing with sex toys, keep these three must-dos in mind:

– Keep them clean, especially if you use them on each other.

– Keep them lubed for maximum pleasure.

– Stock up on batteries to make sure their fun lasts as long as yours.

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