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Strappys: Saving Wardrobe Malfunctions One Strap at a Time

I came upon Strappys by accident. I had put a call out to lingerie spokespeople a few weeks ago for recommendations for lingerie styles for women over 50. When Allison Mercer, president of Strappys contacted me, she had something that was really cool and appropriate for any woman of any age – beaded bra straps that attach to strapless bras. I thought, “Now this I could like. Really like,” and Allison was more than happy to send out a set of my choice.

It wasn’t easy to choose just one set, there are over 25 different styles, but I thought the double string of rhinestones would work best for me since I’m pretty broad shouldered and for the stuff I generally wear. Evening and cocktail dresses, not so much. Embellished tank tops? I have more than I probably need.

The 12 inches of rhinestones on each strap are sparkly and securely set. The prongs aren’t sharp or are likely to snag on garments. While there’s no give in the straps, it’s easy to get a custom fit with a few inches of chain that get a secure and exact fit with a lobster claw clasp (commonly found on necklaces). The Strappys are easier to attach and take off than the detachable straps that came with my bra.

I usually don’t wear the straps that come with my strapless bra, but my Strappys really put the glam and pizzazz into my basic black. My strapless bra is now one of my favorite pieces of lingerie. Parrot’s seen the top view via text photos before I posted them. They definitely have his approval. I can’t wait to show him the whole ensemble I have in mind. Ooh-la-la! Hot! Muy caliente!

They’re also cute with tank tops, especially this one. So much more flattering than the unavoidable bra strap wardrobe malfunction. I’ve found myself checking to make sure that my bra straps are showing.

AGWDM products I endorseHigh fashion. High quality. I can’t find a reason not to like them. They’re definitely on my list of Products I Endorse and my new mission of fixing fashion flubs one bra strap at a time.