Relationship Ramblings

Surprises, Foreshadowing and The Feast

I just came back from a long mystery weekend vacation. My lover planned five days in various parts of the San Francisco Bay area, but told me very few of the details except vague hints of what we’d be doing so I’d know how to pack. He told me to pack casual clothes and that a few of those days he said to dress for comfort and some light activity. For one of the nights, he said we’d be going to a finer restaurant and that he’d be wearing a jacket and tie.

In all the times we’ve been together, I’ve never seen him in a jacket and tie. He’s far from a slob or a slouch; he’s the kind of guy who looks impeccably polished in khakis or jeans in a way that’s more than acceptable in many better restaurants where we’ve dined. However, I knew him well enough to know that jacket and tie meant special occasion … as in an absolutely, positively-must-get-laid kind of special occasion. But still, there are dozens of such restaurants in the Bay Area in the span of hundreds of square miles … Marin County to the north, Los Gatos to the south, Walnut Creek to the east, and not to mention Downtown San Francisco. I couldn’t even begin to guess what he had in mind for this particular dinner.

About a week before we embarked on our journey, he penned The Feast and sent me a link to the story. He was very nonchalant in telling me that he was inspired to write it. The story was so us … very true not just in character, but in the way we really are with each other, but in the most idyllic setting.

When we checked into the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa in Lafayette in the East Bay area, it didn’t faze me how many hints and how much foreshadowing was in the story. The hotel was a romantic and over-the-top surprise. It’s an elegantly proper French Provincial-styled property … the kind of place where well-heeled middle class couples might keep what happens between them quietly between the sheets, and not … oh, how should I say it … like us … loud, brazen and ferocious with clothes, pillows and sheets strewn all over the room in the aftermath.

Unlike the story, we exhibited no self-control when we stepped into the large suite and he didn’t whisk me off to the exquisite dinner that night. There were other surprises that he had in store after we indulged in ourselves. For as much as I felt tortured like a little kid not knowing what to expect under the Christmas tree for weeks before the trip, it was evident that he waited with as much anticipation to see the look on my face as each surprise unfolded and was shared between us.

Needless to say, the surprises and the times we had together had me distracted from wondering if the story had anything to do with his plans. As we got dressed for dinner the second night, I didn’t wear a short burgundy dress. I opted for a figure-hugging low-cut, easy-to-disrobe black and white wrap dress paired with impossibly spiked slingback, peep-toe fuck-me pumps. The look on his face when I stepped out of the bathroom was much like the expression he cast in the story. To see him in his blazer and hand-tied bow tie certainly had me thinking, “You are going to get so fucked tonight.”

It still didn’t hit me how many clues he packed into the story until I asked where we were going for dinner.

“Right downstairs,” he said.

Even when we stepped into The Duck Club, I couldn’t have counted on the foreshadowing that took place throughout dinner.

Of course we started with the oysters, which was an experience as my lover put it in his story, “a sort of a public foreplay for us.” It all came together naturally because, again, as he put it in the story, “I realize again that this is one of the many things I find so endearing about you: this ability to be present to so many experiences and sensations.” Our waiter’s name wasn’t Jean-Yves, but he more than fell in line with the story by mentioning at the time we finished dinner, “You two are so in love that I cleared the room just for the two of you.”

I looked around and saw that section of the dining room all to ourselves. I was so caught up in ourselves and the wonderful dinner we shared — including the duck platter that he described in the story and had been looking forward to all this time without my knowing – that I was completely oblivious that everyone had left.

The evening was also enough for us to pass on dessert and head directly to our room … just like in the story.