Taking Flight, Taking Rides

It was early rush hour in Detroit. The afternoon glare was just an annoyance to most of the people on the freeway heading west on the way home. As far as I was concerned, I knew I’d have another three hours of sunshine, and I was happy about that.

And I was about to get happier.

I touched his name on the contact list of my phone and hoped he would pick up. He did.

“Hey, babe, How’ is your day going?” I asked.

“Surviving,” he said, sounding mentally exhausted, if not annoyed. “I will be so happy when it’s over.”

“Awww …” I said, feigning sympathy. “I guess you’ll be too tired to pick me up from the airport at 8 o’clock.”

There was a silence on the other end of the line, and then I heard, “You what … umm … are going to be where???”

His voice was a mixture of excitement, panic and glee, followed by a bunch of questions about my flight information, if I had a place to stay, if I had a car, and how long I planned on being in town.

“I’ll see if I can make this work,” he said. “How long do you have until you get on the plane?”

“About an hour and a half,” I said. “I’m heading to the airport now, that is unless this isn’t going to work for you.”

“I’ll make it work!” he said, with joy and excitement replaced by the initial panic in his voice. I gave him my flight information and told him I booked a hotel room near the airport. I could get there by shuttle if for some reason he couldn’t see me that night.

About ten minutes before the plane started boarding, I got a text: “I’ll have someone meet you at in the lobby of the ticketing area.”

I was a little disappointed, but not entirely. I knew pulling off a last-minute trip would have some setbacks. Secretly, I was hoping for one of those lingering hugs and long, lingering kisses in the airport lobby that usually set the tone for our previous rendezvous.

“Will I see you tonight?” I typed back.

“You’ll see lots of me this weekend. What are you wearing?” was his reply.

I didn’t want to ruin the surprise of showing up in a purple low-cut V-neck wrap dress, or the initial plan, greeting him in a …

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