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Tease Me, Please!

AGWDM tease me pleaseI love a good tease! I’m lucky that teasing is something Parrot and I enjoy and are especially good at doing. When Parrot teases me, I feel and act like a kid who’s begging to know what’s in that package under the tree a week or so before Christmas. It drives me crazy, but I love it because I know what I’m waiting for is going to be good and worth the wait. I know he gets off when I get like this. I’m sure part of it is hearing me beg to have him is a bit of an ego trip. What man doesn’t love to have a woman beg for him? Being in a long-distance relationship, sometimes just the countdown to when we finally get together is tease enough.

There’s a lot to be said for delayed gratification whether you’re waiting to have sex with someone for the first time or if you’ve been married for decades. Teasing makes sex so much hotter on so many different levels. I’m not knocking the quick and furious wham, bam, thank you, ma’am kind of sex. A good tease can lead up to that, but sex is just as much mental and emotional as it is physical, even if there aren’t any romantic attachments involved. Teasing can give “mind fuck” and “mind blown” whole new meanings.

Sometimes, a great tease can be subtle, like when one of you is at the stove cooking dinner and the other person gives a quick pat or grope on the ass and walks away with a cheeky grin. You know you can’t leave that sauté pan on the stove. You know dinner will be on the table in just a few minutes. More than likely, a little move like that will set the mood for a really spicy dinner conversation. Brownie points if you skip dessert.

Sexting can be a fun way to pull off a tease. One of my favorite tactics is to pull off a strip show. I’ll send a photo of me pulling my shirt down over my shoulder or tugging on my top to show a bit of extra cleavage. I know I get Parrot excited when I get messages back that plead, Send more pics!. So the pic trading begins. Sometimes, it leads to even hotter phone sex or Skype sex.

At other times, I’ll send Parrot a sexy text message when I know he can’t respond or be fully engaged like when he’s at a business meeting or a business lunch or dinner. I know he’s compulsive at checking his phone even when he can’t call or text right away. I also know that I probably have him squirming in his seat. I can tell by the tone of his voice when he calls back or what he types when he texts me back at the first possible moment.

Got a hot date planned? Send random sext messages every few hours of the day letting your lover know what you’re looking forward to or what you’d like to do later that night. You just might want to skip the date or delay it.

Teasing can be physical, too. Don’t dive straight into foreplay. Kiss, nibble, suck, nip and lick at your lover’s not-so-obvious erogenous zones like earlobes, the back and sides of the neck, stomach and inner thighs. When you get close to getting to the genitals, linger your attention at the top of the groin or the crease between the leg and the pubis mound. Rub or kiss your lover’s pussy or penis on the outside of the panties, boxers or briefs. Hot pre-foreplay leads to hotter foreplay. Hotter foreplay leads to even hotter sex.

Teasing leads to tension. Tension leads to a bigger release. Isn’t that what we’re often after when it comes to sex? In this day and age of instant gratification when we can get what we want or get happy with a click of a button on our laptops and smart phones – even a date, hookup or a sex toy – teasing is a great way to break out of your usual sex routine and have better sex.

Photo credit: Nate McCann