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The $26 Sex Swing Solution

AGWDM LSOS love swingI’ve always wanted to try out a sex swing, but I thought it was impractical for two reasons.

1. A sex swing requires that you install a heavy-duty hook into a beam in your ceiling. Since I live in an apartment, my lease agreement forbids drilling holes in the wall, let alone into a structural support. Even if I had a heavy-duty hook or eye bolt installed in my ceiling, how would I explain that to my kids (when they were younger and lived at home) or to nosy family members and houseguests? Awkward!

2. Sex swing stands (and this one) are great alternatives. However, we really wanted something that we could easily pack when we travel. Also, sex swing stands take up a lot of storage space, something that isn’t a luxury for either of us.

My lover, Parrot, came up with a great installation solution that’s practical, convenient and inexpensive – a chin-up bar.

AGWDM chin up stationHe picked up a GoFit Elevated Elevated Chin Up Station that hooks on top of a standard-size door frame. It needs to be assembled, but it only takes 15-20 minutes with a flat head screwdriver and a pair of pliers or 5/16-inch wrench.

Best yet, the chin-up bar goes up and comes down in a second and it’s easy to store in a closet. However, you’ll want to use it as part of your workout routine in over a half-dozen ways other than doing chin-ups. For under $30, it’s an insanely practical and inexpensive multi-purpose device.

We got the Love Swing and were able to slip the ring that holds the spring on top of the swing through the chin-up bar. This retrofit also works well with the Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Swing in pink or purple, the Spinning Sex Swing-Leopard or the Bondage Love Swing, which also have single-point suspensions.

If you have a sex swing that suspends from each hanging strap, you can also thread the suspension connections through the eye bolts on the chin-up bar handles.

To see how the chin-up bar and sex swing installation works, check out the video we made.

I was a bit hesitant at first about being suspended in mid-air from a bar that hangs from a door frame at first. I also worried about any possible structural damage to the door frame and the wall. Neither was an issue. The friction and weight of the chin-up station is absorbed by the leverage bar that presses on the outside of the door frame and not from the bar that hooks on the top of the doorway. The chin-up station supports 300-400 pounds in weight so it’s completely safe even when you’re bouncing and swinging on the sex swing.

We’re more than happy with our Love Swing, too. The one we have meets all of the requirements that are musts when it comes to comfort and functionality. The straps are adjustable for different heights, body types, and sex positions. The butt and back support straps are padded for comfort and allow for any position you and your partner find yourselves getting into. Trust me, you don’t want unpadded webbed vinyl straps cutting into your skin, tissue and muscle when they’re the only things supporting your body. The leg strap supports are nice if you’re using the sex swing in a sitting position, but they are completely optional depending on your strength and flexibility. Also, our swing has just the right amount of bounce, swing and range of motion on either side of the doorway for some really active action.

Believe me, you’ll discover positions with a sex swing that aren’t possible in a bed or on any other piece of furniture. Even if you’re orgasmically challenged, you’ll likely find some sensations from sex swing sex that are absolutely WOW! On my first time on the sex swing, I thought my body had turned to jelly. Parrot had to help lift me out of the sex swing and help me walk for the first minute or so after we were done. The last time, Parrot was in a standing position. If he wasn’t bracing himself against the hallway wall when he was drilling into me, he would have likely collapsed.

LSOS-banner-ad-240x400-9Couple (1)This post is brought to you by Little Shop of O’s. Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.