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The Ashley Madison Aftermath

AGWDM ashley madison hackerI don’t take any joy in the 37 million people that were outed in the Ashley Madison data dump earlier this week.

I don’t encourage people to cheat on their spouses, but what people do or don’t do in their marriages is none of my damn business. It’s nobody else’s except the parties involved. And if anyone like @kentuckyamleak, which outed 36 people on Twitter, is taking the “high moral ground” to out people, all I have to say is that you’re a sick, heinous fucktwit. What these people and spouses are going through is bad enough.

(NOTE: An hour after I reported @kentuckyamleak for harassment to Twitter, the account was suspended. I don’t take credit for that and I’m sure and I hope I wasn’t the only person to report the account.)

I almost hate to bring up the first outed Ashley Madison celebrity, Josh Duggar. I’m sure his previous sex scandal a few months ago was bad enough on his wife and kids. However, since he’s a holy roller hypocrite public figure and the media finds him to be newsworthy, I think he’s worth mentioning and I’m just going to leave it at that.

(UPDATE: Speculated and unsubstantiated: Is This Josh Duggar’s OkCupid Profile? What’s next? A Josh Duggar dick pic? A Josh Duggar sex tape?)

I don’t blame Avid Life Media, the company behind Ashley Madison and Established Male, for not caving into The Impact Team’s demands to shut down those sites or have their members’ identities and personal information revealed. The media exposure about the data breach has probably already devastated the company although I haven’t seen any reports about how big that loss is.

Aside from spouses who have been wronged, the biggest victims in this data dump are children and family members. They did nothing to deserve any kind of public embarrassment and possibly the breakup of families might likely result from this exposure.

And no one deserves to have their careers and reputations ruined because of their private indiscretions. There is absolutely no reason to damage people’s personal and professional reputations, even if they’re teachers or coaches. What they do behind closed doors most likely has nothing to do with how they their jobs.

Don’t blame Avid Life Media. Blame The Impact Team. They need to own this shit.

I would love nothing more than for the members of The Impact Team outed and have criminal charges brought out against them. There can’t be enough lifetimes to put these miscreants behind bars. There have to be hackers who are smarter than them.