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AGWDM best online sex toy contest 400Last week, I put out the call to readers and sex toy shoppers to put in their votes for the Best Online Sex Toy Shop. With the hundreds and thousands of online sex toy shops, there was no way I could objectively come up with a list like this. I also know that the biggest online sex toy shops aren’t always the best. There are tons of small and specialty online sex toy shops that are buried gems, and several of them made this list.

I had no idea which online sex toy shops would come on top, and it was a surprise for me to see the No. 1 reader and shopper’s choice of the Best Online Sex Toy Shop:

AGWDM filthy dirty logo1. Filthy Dirty
Filthy Dirty doesn’t have the largest selection of sex toys, lubricants and other bedroom essentials, but it has narrowed down its offerings to the best quality items available. (Several of them are on my Products I Endorse list.)

The runners-up are also big winners in what they have to offer. Many of these online sex toy shops are like Filthy Dirty and concentrate on carrying only the very best sex toys on the market. Tantus is of particular interest since it makes most of the sex toys it sells with premium-grade silicone. A Touch of Glass made the list for its hand-blown glass dildos. Some of them, like Little Shop of O’s, Babeland and Adam & Eve, have mind-boggling selections of just about any sex toy you want or never knew you wanted. Several love Lovehoney for its huge selection of products and made special mention of its exceptional customer service. Looking for something that’s a bit kinkier than you’ll find in the typical online sex toy shop? The Stockroom is the place. Even Spencer’s made the list for girls (and guys) who just want to have fun in and out of the bedroom.

2. Little Shop of O’s

3. Lovehoney (UK)/Lovehoney (US)/Lovehoney (AU)

4. SheVibe

5. (Tie) Babeland & My Secret Luxury

6. (Tie) Adam & Eve & The Stockroom

7. (Tie) Good Vibrations, Holistic Wisdom, Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart, Sex Siopa, Simply Eve, Smitten Kitten, Spencer’s, Tantus, Lover’s Playground & The Pleasure Chest

8. A Touch of Glass

If there’s an online sex toy shop that I missed, you should have voted! It’s not like I didn’t run my mouth off on Facebook and Twitter about this search for an entire week, but leave your top picks in the comments below.

And big huge thanks to Revel Body for sponsoring the search for the Best Online Sex Toy Shop search and offering people a great incentive to vote for their favorite sex toy shops by offering its brand-new Revel Body SOL prize package. One lucky winner will be enjoying it and I’ll have more to say about it in the next few weeks.

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3 Comments on The Best Online Sex Toy Shops

  1. To say we are so shocked to me mentioned is an understatement. Thanks to all those that voted. My goodness me, what can I really say.

  2. A huge thank you from Simply Eve Limited.

    This means a great deal to us as a new, up & coming company. We are constantly striving to improve our site & taking on board customer feedback, so to be nominated & voted for in our first year is thrilling.

    Thank you to everyone who voted xxx

  3. I have to say that Babeland gets a big nod of approval from me. When I can’t find sex toys that I’m after here in Australia, it’s the first store that I go to. They have been around for years as well. We do have Love Honey down here though, and they are actually quite good as well.

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