The Birthday Suit

Jack was always full of surprises. Often, he’d make plans but give me no idea of what to expect until we got somewhere or until it happened. At first it drove me crazy not knowing what to expect, but over time, I knew whatever he had in store would be spectacular.

For his birthday, I was bound to out-do him. I told him that I had a surprise for him but didn’t say what it would be. He bugged and pestered me for hints and details. I didn’t say a word. Payback was a teasing bitch goddess.

During that day I was incommunicado except for an early morning text message wishing him a happy birthday. He had left a couple of texts and voice mails during the day that went unanswered. I’m sure he was expecting a package, a gift. What else could it be? He knew I wouldn’t be in town for another two weeks. I hoped that I didn’t worry him, but I knew that I had him guessing. It tickled and delighted me every moment of my flight across the country.

I walked into his office about 5:15, about the time that I knew he would be wrapping up work for the day. He was on the phone. As soon as he saw me, his face brightened, his eyes lit up, and a smile so big came across his face that it looked like it could hurt. He hurled a wave at me and frantically gestured with his finger that he needed a minute.

I walked between him and his desk, demanding his attention by flinging the belt of my coat off and letting it drop to the floor. I was stark naked except for the garter belt, stockings, and a pair of dangerously high and pointy stiletto pumps that screamed, “Fuck me. Now.”

As far as the person on the other end of the line was concerned, he had Jack’s full attention. From what I could tell, the caller was pressing him for facts and details about a deal …

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