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The Difference Between What a Man Says & What He Means

I’m pretty convinced that most men share the same brain. They use the same words and sentences that seem to say one thing but mean something entirely different, especially when it comes to dating, sex and hooking up on sites like Casual Encounters Sydney ( and Casual Encounters Brisbane ( Even though guys may sound ambivalent, they really are careful with their words.

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When he says: “Maybe we can go out sometime?”
What he means: “I’m testing the waters to see if you’d be open to go out on a date, and then have sex.”

When he says: “So maybe we can get together and hang out sometime?”
What he means: “I’ll get in touch when I’m in the mood for a booty call.”
He can also mean: “I’m too cheap/broke to go out on a date, but I still need to get laid.”
He can also mean: “I’m just not willing to put in the time and effort to impress you enough for you to have sex with me. If I have to do that, I’ll just chalk you up as one of those shallow bitches who expects to be wined and dined all the time.”

When he says: “Yeah, I’d be interested in a long-term relationship.”
What he means: “Yeah, I’d be interested in a long-term relationship with the right woman when she comes along, but in the meantime, I’m not going to live like a monk.”
He can also mean: “I’ll say anything to get laid.”

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When he says: “It’s been ages! How are you? We should get together sometime.”
What he means: “I just broke up with my girlfriend and I’m going through my phone to see who will be willing to have sex with me.”

When he says: “Whatcha doin’ tonight?” (Before 4 p.m.)
What he means: “Let’s go out and then have sex.”

When he says: “Whatcha doin’ tonight?” (After 8:30 p.m.)
What he means: “I’m horny as fuck. How soon can I (or you) come over?”

When he says: “Work’s been crazy lately.”
What he means: “I could be working 15 hours a day, seven days a week, and I’ll always find time to get laid, but right now, I’m working someone else.”

When he says: “She’s just an old friend.”
What he means: “We had a thing in the past, but I still carry a torch for her.”

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When he says: “How do you know that guy?”
What he means: “I’m feeling a little threatened because you and he seem a little too friendly. Are you seeing him? Do you have a thing with him? Wait … don’t tell me, because I really don’t want to know.”

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When he says: “You look amazing in that dress.”
What he means: “You look amazing in that dress. I hope I don’t have to wait too long to take it off of you.”

When he says: “Why don’t you come over here and watch some TV with me.”
What he means: “I’m not interested in watching TV. If I were, I could easily do that by myself. I just want to put the moves on you so I can get you into bed.”

AGWDM i don't watch porn

When he says: “I don’t watch porn.”
What he means: “I don’t watch porn as much as before I met you.”

When he says: “I never masturbate.”
What he means: (Replace the words “watch porn” with “masturbate” when he says, “I don’t watch porn…”)

When he says: “Let me cook dinner for you tonight.”
What he means: “Come over so we can have sex.”

When he says: “I really like you.”
What he means: “I think you’re smart, funny and attractive, but I’m not going to be more specific because you’ll take it the wrong way and think that I want to have a serious relationship with you.”

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When he says: “I need some space.”
What he means:“I’m breaking up with you. It doesn’t matter why. If you knew, it would only hurt or upset you or piss you off. You probably really don’t want to know why. It’s not worth talking about. It’s final. It’s non-negotiable.”

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So why aren’t guys more direct? Most guys don’t want to be the bad guy or sound like a douchebag. Plus, they’re much better at knowing how women think and respond than they’ll ever know or admit. Let’s be honest, ladies. Guys are often in situations where there is no right answer or thing to say when it comes to navigating women. All it takes is just one time to fuck up with a woman to learn a painful lesson. They know that saying something direct like “Let’s have sex” is the equivalent of and just as effective as plowing into a woman before foreplay even if it’s understood that the two of you are just fuck buddies.

This has really gotten me thinking about decoding womanspeak. I’ll have to get to that soon.

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