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The Labia Minora: A Sexual Delicacy

A panel of The Great Wall of Vagina. As you can see, no two labia minora are alike.

A panel of The Great Wall of Vagina. As you can see, no two labia minora are alike.

Many women aren’t comfortable with the way their vulvas look, especially the labia minora. That’s a shame. But learning they do and learn knowing what they’re capable of can put a whole new perspective on enjoying sex and your sexuality.

Clinically speaking, the labia minora are tiny, delicate folds of skin (or lips) that protect the vagina. They’re rarely symmetrical and no two sets look alike.

Sexually, I don’t know why we don’t talk about them more often. I get my rocks off during sex, oral sex and masturbation with my labia minora as much as I do my clitoris.

There are many more tiny nerves and blood vessels in the labia minora than the labia majora. During arousal, they become fuller and more erect. Bartholin’s glands lie just within the labia minora and secrete lubrication. This is why you want to give these tiny little petals some extra special attention during foreplay and masturbation.

Sex tip: A great way to get things going is by giving the labia minora gentle, gliding strokes with finger tips or the tip of the tongue barely touching the surface or with a soft vibration or a vibrator set on a low speed.

Too often, people are focused on the big “O”, but I love the tingly feeling that I get when the labia minora spring into action. Holding onto that sensation for as long as possible is like having a mini-orgasm. It also pays off to hold onto this state of arousal for as long as possible to make fingering, clitoral and G-spot play and penetration much more wetter and more sensitized.

I find it odd that we don’t talk about and value the sexual power and benefits of the labia minora in Western cultures. In sub-Saharan countries, girls start stretching their labia minora before they get their periods. Elongated labia minora are viewed as a sexually desired bonus for both women and men.

Personally, I can’t say that bigger is better when it comes to the labia minora, but they’re a sexual delicacy that shouldn’t be overlooked and nothing that should be considered physically embarrassing or shameful.