The Magic Behind Vibrators, Orgasms & Sexual Satisfaction

AGWDM joy of vibratorsA study about women’s use of vibrators lead by sex researcher Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., of Indiana University found that women who used vibrators reported higher levels of sexual desire, sexual arousal and lubrication. They also had less pain during sex and more orgasms. Herbenick and her team weren’t entirely sure how vibrator use improves sexual function, but Herbenick assumes that women who use vibrators feel better about their bodies and sex and that sex toys enhance, rather than diminish, interest in and enjoyment with sex.

“There’s even medical research that shows that regular orgasms can help reduce heart disease and the hormones released during orgasm can give your skin a healthy glow,” says Robin Elenga, founder and CEO of Revel Body.

So what’s the magic behind vibrators, orgasms and sexual satisfaction?

That warm, sexy rush you feel during foreplay is the result of blood heading straight to your vagina and clitoris. The clitoris, the G-spot and breasts are loaded with nerve endings packed in a tiny area just under thin skin or tissue. For men, the frenulum, the folded skin under the head of the penis; the vein that runs under the bottom of the length of the penis; the perineum; and nipples get highly sensitized during sexual arousal on men.

When blood flow starts going, these areas become engorged and nerve endings become extra sensitive. These are the parts of your body you want to focus on with a vibrator to get that extra kick during sexual play, especially with a vibrator like the Revel Body SOL that has small vibrator head attachments that concentrate vibrations in exact, localized areas.

Lots of people go for the strongest vibrations they can get. Strong vibrations increase blood circulation, and with it, levels of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in those areas. Sure, there are times when you want to get off hard and quickly, but don’t discount those lower settings on a vibrator. Gentle vibrations are great for warming up your sexual mojo and cause your body to increase levels of endorphins, those natural chemicals that make you feel relaxed. They slow your heart rate, regulate breathing, and reduce stress so you can enjoy sex more and for a longer period of time.

More and more doctors are suggesting vibrators for women and men who have problems with arousal and erections. But even if you don’t struggle with arousal or erections, vibrators are just plain fun. They can be the equivalent of going on a sexual amusement park ride.

Keep in mind that vibrators aren’t always the end-all and be-all of heightening sexual pleasure. Sometimes stress, physical or mental exhaustion, or mood can affect your sexual interest or response. It doesn’t mean that there’s necessarily anything wrong with you. It can be something like not being hungry or not being able to sleep or stay awake. Sometimes, your body is going to rule over what you can or cannot do.

Each person’s experience and preference with vibrators is different. From the high-powered plug-in Magic Wand Origianl to small pocket rockets to Revel Body’s SOL with sonic technology, each vibrator produces a different sensation. That coupled with each person’s unique preferences and anatomy make a vibrator a very personal experience.

“Even things like age, body weight, water retention or body mass can affect how you respond to vibrators,” Elenga says.

Can vibrators desensitize anyone in any permanent way? There have never been any findings through sound research that has shown vibrators or other vigorous stimulation change anyone’s anatomy or sexual response permanently. They may make you feel numb right after using them, in the same way that your butt might feel a bit numb for a few hours after a long bike or scooter ride or how your hands might feel numb after clapping or spanking with them for a while.

Can vibrators become a replacement for or get people to prefer using vibrators over partner sex? As much as some people say they enjoy their vibrators, they also say there’s no substitute for touching, holding, hearing, feeling the body heat or even hearing and feeling of breathing of a partner.

Personally, while my imagination can be a lot of fun, sex toys are lots of fun, too, especially when I share and play with them with my lover.

This post is brought to you by Revel Body. Information gathered for and opinions about this story topic are genuinely my own.

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  1. Agreed. I think of the slow peak as a way to extend pleasure and enhance the arousal. I agree with the assessment that women who use vibrators have been knowledge of their bodies and their responsiveness.

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