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The Merits of Sex & Mischief’s 100% Stainless Steel Balls

AGWDM sex mischief stainless steel ballsI’ve overheard more than one man say, “Wow! That woman has balls!” I just have a way of speaking up for myself and saying what I mean. It often comes off as a shock for those who normally see me as someone who’s usually very friendly and joyful.

Now I really do have a set of balls, a pair of Sex & Mischief 100% Stainless Steel Balls that Sportsheets sent for me to review and enjoy for my personal use.

Ever since I gave birth to my first son, I’ve always done kegel exercises, or at least I say I do. I start off doing them when I’m working at my desk or get into my car, but once I start working or driving, I stop doing them. When I stop doing them, I don’t know. I will always admit that I can’t multitask.

AGWDM SM stainless steel balls

These 1-inch balls are 100% stainless steel. They’re solid and definitely have some weight to them. (I wish I had a kitchen scale to find out how much they weigh.) Between the weight and the slipperiness and slide-yness of these balls, they are a challenge to keep in. I really had to concentrate on squeezing my pelvic muscles to keep them in while I was doing chores around my house … washing dishes, vacuuming, testing out a vibrator that I’m reviewing.

Okay, so testing vibrators and kegel balls aren’t chores, but I wasn’t getting the stimulation that many women get from kegel (Ben-Wa) balls. This is not at all uncommon. Not all women get aroused using kegel balls. But think of the benefits of having well-toned pelvic muscles, especially when it comes to vaginal intercourse. Having a tight va-jay-jay and being able to clamp tightly onto a penis when your vaginal muscles contract makes for some really hot sex for you and your partner.

Stainless steel balls aren’t the easiest kinds of kegel balls to use. Not having a non-fabric cord makes them slightly inconvenient to insert and take out. They take more effort to use than larger silicone balls, but more effort results in a better workout and stronger PC muscles. You’ll definitely want to wear panties with a full crotch in case they fall out. Holding these balls in have the potential for some interesting BDSM challenge play.

AGWDM kegel ball bag

The Sex & Mischief 100% Stainless Balls come with a black velvety drawstring pouch for storage. It’s about the size of my palm. It’s a little too small for my preference. I lost it twice and it’s hard to find in my nightstand drawer where I keep most of my bedroom essentials. I now keep them in a slightly larger, more colorful and easier to find drawstring earring pouch that’s easier to find.

The Sex & Mischief 100% Stainless Balls are very easy to clean with water and anti-bacterial soap, compatible with any kind of lube, and have no risk of breaking or absorbing any bacteria you wouldn’t want to reintroduce in your body. They’re the sexual aid that will last forever.

The verdict: the Sex & Mischief 100% Stainless Balls are a quality product for what they are, but you should take a close look at other kegel balls and their features before making a final purchase decision.