Adult Sex Ed

The Well-Stocked Toy Box

As more and more adults are incorporating sex toys in their masturbation and sex play, sometimes people don’t know what they want or where to start. The choices get even more confusing when they walk into a sex toy shop and see walls and cases packed with all kinds of choices.

The best advice: start with the basics.Scott D., marketing manager of Williams Trading Co., suggests the Cloud 9 Premium Starter Kit. It contains a phthalate-free 8-inch dildo with a suction bottom, a medium-sized anal plug, two cock rings, and a travel/storage bag. The kit also comes with an instruction manual. It’s a new product that Williams Trading, a sex toy wholesaler, is introducing to retailers at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas next week. The bundle package is the first of its kind in the sex toy marketplace.

The Cloud 9 Premium Starter Kit a great way for new sex toy buyers to try out sex toys at a very basic, appropriate level. It’s affordable enough for users to decide if a particular toy is or isn’t something they’re into or if they want to find something similar in different sizes, materials or features.

While the Cloud 9 Premium Starter Kit was created from feedback from gay men looking for adventure with an assortment of toys for quick weekend getaways, they’re all products that are used by straight men and women, too. It’s an excellent kit for the increasing interest in BDSM and couples anal play. Cock rings are great for increasing blood flow to the penis for harder and longer lasting erections. The dildo? A must-have for every woman. The travel pouch is also great for storage and keeping sex toys clean between uses. If you have hang-ups about buying something that’s marketed for the gay male market, look past the packaging. It’s the products that count. They’re used by men and women regardless of sexual identity.

“We did some market research and found out that the male and female consumer is very interested in this concept,” Scott says. “We do plan on offering two versions with unique packaging.”

There are also benefits in convenience and economies of scale in buying a bundle pack.

“Customers can make one purchase instead of multiple purchases,” Scott says. “Additionally, customers often experience economies of scale when buying a bundle of products. They understand that the total price is lower when the products are purchased as a bundle.”

So what else should men and women have in their starter sex toy box?

Vibrator: Everyone should have a vibrator. Aside from amped-up sexual self-pleasure, vibrators increase the blood flow to genital and other erogenous zones to improve sexual performance. A realistic (5”-6” shaft) size phallic-shaped silicone mid-price range ($60-$80) vibrator is a good choice if a woman can afford just one sex toy. Male vibrator fans tend to favor wand vibrators, which also tend to range in the $60 price range. Silicone is preferred for its feel, cleanup and hygienic qualities, and long-lasting qualities.

Blindfold: Taking away the sense of sight forces blindfolded partners to focus on pleasurable sensations they’re experiencing. The element of surprise can also heighten arousal. These dynamics combined are great for incorporating fun and trust between partners, even in non-BDSM sex. Look for blindfolds that are secure and comfortable, especially for people who wear contacts or have long eyelashes.

Cuffs and Restraints: When used appropriately, cuffs and restraints get the partner who is being pleasured to zero in on pleasurable sensations. Look for cuffs that are padded so they won’t be painful or leave marks and have closures that are easy to take off like Velcro or easy-to-remove clips. If you use sashes or ties, make sure you have a pair of safety scissors nearby “just in case”. Handcuffs or any other restraint with locks are not recommended for people new to restraint play or partners who are new with each other for safety reasons.

Lubricant: If you can only choose one personal lubricant, make it a water-based lubricant. They tend to be the most skin- and tissue-safe and safe for all condoms and sex toys. Lubricants can jump start a woman’s ability to lubricate naturally, have a pleasure factor on their own, and make penetration more enjoyable and safer by preventing abrasions from friction. Lubricants make self or mutual masturbation more enjoyable and prevent skin chafing. Using a lubricant is a must for use with sex toys.

This post is brought to you by Williams Trading Co.. All information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.