Those Naked Times When We’re Not Having Sex

AGWDM those naked times when we're not having sexI love those times when Parrot and I just lay in bed naked and there’s no objective that we have sex. We touch each other, hold each other, and just talk. It’s usually after we’ve made love and aren’t in a hurry to go off to dinner, get on with our day, or roll over and fall asleep. Sometimes we’ll watch a movie or listen to music this way. Sometimes it’s just the breather we need before we go onto Round 2, but it’s never the objective. Round 2 just happens when it happens.

To me, this kind of time we have together is just as sensual and sexual as sex itself. I love this time because it feels so good. He feels good. It’s comforting and indulgent. We get to focus on each other and share our most open and intimate thoughts about each other. To me, it’s such a gift to enjoy being skin-to-skin with each without feeling that we have to follow a script of seduction, foreplay and sex, yet it’s very sexy and intimate.

It dawned on me before I started writing this that I’ve never had this kind of time with this with any other lover before. Do I feel like I’ve been shortchanged all those years? Oh, hell no! I think times we spend like this, even if It’s over the phone, sexting or Skype, are truly special because I’ve only had them with him.

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2 Comments on Those Naked Times When We’re Not Having Sex

  1. Its amazing how intimate and sensual these moments can be :) They’re one of the favorites in my relationship too. My boyfriend and I set two alarms in the morning just to have the 10 mins in between to cuddle and either sleep, fool around or chat. It makes me understand what would be so amazing about being a nudist!

    • Bobbie Morgan // September 23, 2015 at 4:03 pm // Reply

      That’s a great way to start the day and enjoy time with each other! I bet it sets a great tone between the two of you and the positive attitude that continues through the day or dealing with a difficult day.

      There are so many things that are so delightful about being naked together that go beyond “Me so horny,” even though that comes into play.

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