What Girls Want To Read In a Text From Guys

AGWDM woman texting If you’re like most people, especially if you’re under the age of 45, you do most of your correspondences over texting. And if you’re trying to hook up with a woman you met in person or online on sites like Hookup Brisbane (www.hookupbrisbane.com.au) or Hookup Sydney (www.hookupsydney.com.au), how you text can help you seal the deal. Believe me, women do judge men based on the text messages they get from them.

Spelling and Grammar Count!
Spelling and grammar are probably the strongest first impressions a woman gets from a guy. Intelligence matters. If a guy can’t properly construct a single error-free sentence, she’s likely to write him off as a dumb fuck or a guy who makes no effort in pleasing a woman. No woman wants to waste her time with a guy who’s stupid or lazy. Always remember that women have lots more choices of people they want to hook up with than men.

It’s Not Just All About You
So you’re horny. But what about her? Sex involves two people. Let her know what’s in it for her for a quickie or late-night booty call. You’ll be a lot more likely to get an enthusiastic, “Yes, come over!” and a good time to follow.

Don’t be a Dick
Nine times out of ten, the last thing that’s going to impress a woman before she sees you naked is a picture of your dick. You could probably look at pictures of tits and asses all day long, but a picture of your Long Dong Silver with a messy bathroom or bedroom in the background usually isn’t the way a woman wants to see you naked for the first time. This isn’t just my opinion. When Ogi Ogas and Sal Gaddam did their data dive of a billion sex-related online search terms for their book A Billion Wicked Thoughts, they found that the Top 2 things that turned women on were men’s smiles and eyes.

If you really feel compelled to send a woman a dick pic, wait until after you’ve gotten naked with each other and ask if it’s okay to send them.

Respond as Promptly as Possible
Unless you’re at work, it’s probably rare that you don’t respond to texts ASAP. The same goes for a woman who wants to hook up. If you’re busy, let her know when you can get back to her. If you wait a couple of days or a week when you want some action, don’t expect her to pick up.

It’s Nice to be Appreciated
If you want to keep your hookup an ongoing thing, women usually appreciate nice words or a thank you once you got home or the following morning. Tell her what a great time you had or how amazing she was. It’s bound to keep a smile on her face and looking forward to more. There’s no need to get into a long conversation; just a few nice words will do. Think of it this way – doesn’t it suck to only hear from a buddy when he wants something from you?

Don’t Overdo It
Speaking of long conversations, especially over texts, just don’t do it. And don’t text a woman you’re hooking up with 6-7 times a day. If the point of being in hooking up is not devoting major amounts of your free time to one person, overtexting kind of defeats the purpose. It’s annoying and stalkerish, too.

For more hookup communication tips, check out Hook Up Sydney – How to Speak to a Woman to Increase Attraction (www.hookupsydney.com.au/hook-up-sydney-how-to-speak-to-a-women-to-increase-attraction).

This post is brought to you by Hookup Brisbane (www.hookupbrisbane.com.au) and Hookup Sydney (www.hookupsydney.com.au). Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.

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3 Comments on What Girls Want To Read In a Text From Guys

  1. Dick Pics, she’ll ask for one if she wants one.
    I ended up putting one as an avi on a couple of website I’ve frequented over the years, I did because a woman I was corresponding with asked me to (OK, hard to tell for sure but I’m sure it was a woman). But most of the responses I’ve had which mention the picture appear to be from men, “I’d love to see you do my wife with that…” type messages and the lady is question almost certainly knows nothing about it.

    • Bobbie Morgan // June 3, 2015 at 12:17 am // Reply

      Ha! I’ve only recently been aware of how many guys are into cuckoldry (watching another man screw his wife). It probably wasn’t the kind of attention you were looking for, I’m sure.

      • Well partly I just like to flirt online, I’m married and I know my wife would be devastated if I were actually to play with someone else.
        But also I’m not looking to get involved in another man’s private fantasy. If the lady in question is playing along too, then that’s hot, I’m all for couples exploring their sexuality.

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