What Makes Men Good Escort Clients

For the man who doesn’t want or doesn’t have time for a girlfriend or is looking for a girlfriend experience outside of his everyday life, hiring a female escort is a worthwhile investment in time and money.

First of all, it’s recommended to go through a reputable escort agency. They ensure the client’s privacy, as well as the escort’s. They also make sure that a client is properly matched with an escort and experience that suits him best. In countries such as Canada, the UK and Australia, escort agencies, such as Australian Babe, are legal. In the U.S., they’re not, but they do exist. Reputable escort agencies have websites where clients can peruse photos and information about each escort’s vital statistics, personalities, and date/companionship experiences they offer.

But unlike fine restaurants or luxury vacation resorts, female escorts are people as well as professionals. At hourly rates that can range from $500-$700 an hour, escorts or their agencies can afford to decline clients. After all, sexual encounters are human encounters. What makes for the ultimate experience are respect, conduct and courtesy.

Here are a few pointers …

• A good client respects an escort as an individual. Manners and class matter. Men who treat escorts as living dolls or rent-a-bodies are loathed and often blacklisted.

• A good client pays the agreed-upon rate and doesn’t haggle over price. Depending on the escort’s or agency’s payment policy, he brings the correct amount of money or pays in advance with the agency. If he pays in cash, he discreetly hands over the money in an envelope or leaves it on a table with no discussion.

• A good client is clean. If he comes off a long day at the office or off a plane, it’s expected that he use the shower facilities.

• A good client doesn’t push an escort’s boundaries or doesn’t renege on agreed-upon services. Boundaries aren’t personal challenges and money should never be used as leverage. Don’t ever think of asking for exceptions to an escort’s safe sex practices. They’re in place to protect her health as well as the client’s.

• While clients may be leery of what happens with their personal information during the screening process, a reputable agency or escort knows a big part of their reputation is discretion and trustworthiness. A good client also knows and respects that screening assures the escort of her personal safety.

• A good client respects an escort’s time. He doesn’t show up late, delay appointments, or try to prolong the appointment unless he’s willing to pay for additional time and the escort is available.

• A good client is discreet. Escorts often don’t want attention drawn to them being escorts in public. Many don’t appreciate clients who pry into their private lives – where they live, work or go to school or their friends or social lives. Like client’s lives, escort’s private lives are private.

• A good client is good company. He checks his misery outside the door. After all, sexual encounters are all about feeling good, and good vibes go both ways.

This post was brought to you by Australian Babe. Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.

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5 Comments on What Makes Men Good Escort Clients

  1. randy robertson // November 1, 2013 at 12:49 am // Reply

    “Respect” is the word. A universal word. Not to be demanded of…earned!!

  2. Nicely done!

  3. Thanx for this! I’m trying to build a community of past and present sex workers of all types (from the street to porn to sex blogging) and their associates. The goal is to dispel myths/stereotypes both positive and negative and provide support, education and entertainment through personal stories and links around the web. Interested? http://Www.sexualitysanctuary.com under community. I will be linking to this post.

  4. All those recommendation are excellent and should be followed to a tee, but I’ll put in my 2 cents here anyway.

    First, a small detail, in Canada (maybe it will change in January, because there’s a Supreme Court judgement that will fall then on the very subject), agency are illegal. Sex for money is legal in Canada, but nothing around it is.

    Second, going through an agency is not always the best solution. Through an agency, you can’t talk to the service provider before hand. You can’t know if you will have a good connection with the provider. More over, an independent gets all the money, not just a cut.

    Third, beware bait an switch. When surfing the net, you can get a lot of pictures that are not representative of what you’ll get. Much more common with agencies than independent. So, always search for reviews and proof of authenticity, many review sites will offer what you’re looking for, unless the service provider is new to the field.

    Last, but not least, women can also hire companions… :D

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