What You Should Know & Do About Adult Social Marketing in 2018

AGWDM online sex datingTo all of you doing business online, especially adult-oriented businesses, read up.

According to Mashable, the No. 5 trend in the way social marketing will change in 2014 is in the content of your website and in social media.

What am I talking about specifically? Giving your current and potential customers reasons to follow and share what you’re all about and becoming loyal and enthusiastic customers and members. Since Google’s most recent algorithm update, many adult content sites took a serious hit, making digital footprints, content, social media, keywords and inbound links more important than ever.

I was thrilled when Little Shop of O’s asked me to help them provide content on their site and sponsored posts on my site. As far readers know, they’re getting some credible information about sex toys and related products, sexual health, and how to better enjoy their sex lives. without being sold. I also like what they’re doing with video on its site and on YouTube, O’s Exposed. They’re short video clips of people talking about their sexual experiences. It’s produced as well and is as entertaining as HBO’s Real Sex.

AGWDM LSOS RTsDo readers like this?

Enthusiastically yes!

Keep in mind that Little Shop of O’s is a relatively new online-only sex toy retailer, but it made a pretty wise move by reaching out to a content and social media specialist who understands their products and target market. I’m not talking about how much we enjoy working with each other on a personal level, but what I have to offer …

Credibility: A top sex blogger according to Glamour Brazil (No. 17 of 100), Between My Sheets (No. 14 of 100) and Kinkly (No. 9 of 100 Sexblogging Superheroes of 2013 and No. 10 of its Top Sex Blogs according to its carefully constructed set of algorithms.

Reach: My work stands behind what I do with my blog and social media outreach … an Alexa global ranking of 612,187 and 241,621 in the U.S.; a Klout score of 61 (well within the top 10% of social media users); and high and growing connected followings on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and StumbleUpon.

Quality Content: Not only do I keep a pulse on what readers want to know and are talking about, but I know how to use those keywords in my headlines and copy. My writing is good. The stories I write are carefully researched when they come to facts and authentic and honest when it comes to opinions and observations.