Adult Sex Ed

What’s All the Buzz About Adult Sex Ed Month (#AdultSexEdMonth)?

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post about the need for sex education for adults. I wrote about how a lot of people still don’t know how to give the basic blow job or hand job and people who question their sexual preferences and turn-ons. I’ve been with men like them. As a sex blogger I hear from a lot more people like them. And don’t even let me get into people who proselytize what is “normal”.

As I was writing the story, I was thinking that we should have an Adult Sex Ed Month (#AdultSexEdMonth). What I meant by “we” was the number of sex writers, bloggers professionals who share credible and valuable sex-positive information (not the frivolous crap that you can pick up in magazines on the newsstands) that doesn’t get out into the mainstream.

I threw the word out to a couple of people that I know about doing Adult Sex Ed Month in June, and the response was an overwhelming, “Yes! We need this!”

Word started getting out to others, many who I never heard of before, and I started getting messages, “Can I get in on this, too?”

So far, I’ve heard from over a dozen writers, bloggers, podcasters, sex professionals and sexual health professionals who say that they want to contribute to and promote Adult Sex Ed Month. It’s a great and very knowledgeable group of sex-positive folks. Jon Pressick, a sex journalist from Toronto, already wrote a story on his blog about Adult Sex Ed Month. He also created the logo for the big event (see above).

I’d love to have more contributors. As a straight gourmet vanilla woman, I can’t cover it all. Not by a long shot. If you’re interested, contact me at

Online sex enthusiasts can be contributors, too. It’s so important to get this information out. All you have to do is share a recommended informational sex or sex how-to story with the hashtag #AdulltSexEdMonth. I know Facebook might not always be the appropriate place to share this kind of information – especially if your kids, parents and boss follow you there – but I’ve found that Twitter, Reddit and StumbleUpon to be great places to find and share this kind of information a lot more freely. (I can be found at each of those places as GoodDirtyWoman.)

I hope to hear from those of you who pass the oral (and other exams) with your partner at the end of June!