Which is Coming First in Your Easter Basket? The Rabbit or the Egg?

AGWDM rabbit or the eggI hope none of you think you’re too old to get an Easter basket.

A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique has tons of Easter-themed goodies to stick in your or your partner’s Easter basket.

AGWDM impulse jack rabbitHow about a rabbit vibrator? The most popular and highest rated rabbit vibrator at A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique is the Impulse Jack Rabbit. Its soft jelly shaft contains beads that rotate, and counter-rotate for unbelievable internal stimulation, while the rabbit head licks and flicks your clit until you climax like never before. Its base controls seven functions, including rotation, reverse rotation, speed and intensity. Other top selling and highly rated rabbit vibrators include the Double Thrusting Panther, the Luxe Rabbit and the Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator .

AGWDM white wabbitGuys, don’t feel left out. There are rabbits for your Easter basket, too, which include the White Wabbit Silicone 10-Function Cock Ring, and the Wireless Rockin Rabbit. If you haven’t tried a vibrating cock ring before, these little babies slide down to the bottom of a guy’s penis and the tiny bullet vibrator sends a little buzz along the shaft and press against the clitoris when your dick is deep inside of your female partner. The Ohare Double Vibrating Ring has two small bullet vibrators — one at the top for her clitoris and another at the bottom to buzzz your balls. Talk about fucking like rabbits! Or you can jack off like a jack rabbit, too!

AGWDM crystal eggsSome of the most beautiful eggs you’ll ever see are these Crystal Premium Glass Eggs. An alternative to kegel balls, these decorative Pyrex-like glass eggs are easier to insert and expel than traditional Ben Wa balls and vibrate when they click against one another when they’re inserted. Or you might want to get yourself or your partner a Twistty Wireless Contour Egg Vibrator. Unlike most egg vibrators that are made of hard plastic, silicone is much softer and comfortable to insert and wear internally. And this egg vibrator has a wireless remote control, so you or your partner can have many more options for getting into mischief than with traditional egg/bullet vibrator that has a cord attached to the remote control.

AGWDM tenga eggIf you guys haven’t discovered Tenga Eggs, Easter is a great time to try one or a bunch of them out. These elastomer egg-shaped strokers that fit over the head of your penis stretch to firmly fit the length of the shaft and come in a variety of textures like Cloudy, Silky, Clicker, Twister, Stepper, Wavy, Spider, Misty, Shiny, Thunder and the Keith Haring Street and Dance textures. I know that I’ve given a lot of options, but they’re inexpensive enough so you can buy a bunch or all of them and pull off the sexiest Easter egg hunt ever! Although they’re made for one-time use, they can be washed and used a few more times. If you plan on beating off with your Tenga Egg more than once, stock up on some Tenga Lotion, which also comes in an egg-shaped container.

AGWDM chocolate boobsOf course, no Easter basket is complete without candy! A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique has marshmallow, chocolate and gummy boobs. I also carry chocolate, gummy and even sour patch peckers. There are also candy bras, G-strings, nipple tassels for the ladies and even candy pouches and cock rings for the guys. BDSM play has never been as tasty as with this jawbreaker ball gag.


AGWDM blueberry candy lubeI cannot stress enough how much more you and your partner will enjoy blow jobs so much more when you use flavored lubes. Candy Lube tastes just like Razzles and Sex Tarts taste like Sweet Tarts. It comes (and boy, will it make you come) in Green Apple Fizz, Tangy Tangerine, Grape Soda, Cherry Pop, Raspberry, Watermelon Splash and Strawberry Punch. I think you’ll agree with me that Swiss Navy’s Chocolate Bliss Lube tastes just like chocolate but without the calories. Talk about a guilt-free guilty pleasure!

AGWDM KS kama sutra chocolate caress honey dustBecause no Easter basket can have too much chocolate, make sure there’s enough room in your basket to throw in Shunga’s Intoxicating Chocolate Massage Oil, Kama Sutra’s Chocolate Caress Honey Dust Powder and Booty Parlor’s Melt Chocolate Body Fondue so you can make yourselves your own real-live chocolate treats!

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