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The 5 Best Hookup Locations for Your Age Group

AGWDM hookup locationsNot everyone wants to have a long-term or full-time relationship, but you still want to have a little action now and then. There are always websites like where you can find others who are looking for the same kind of arrangement you are, but what about those in-person social opportunities? The likelihood of finding someone to hook up with are greatly enhanced when you’re out there socializing, and it’s a lot more fun than staying at home perusing hookup sites online.

Here are the Top 5 places you’ll be most likely to find a hookup in your age group.

In Your 20’s

AGWDM hookup 20sSports bars and nightclubs are natural places to go. Chances are, you’re already going out to those places with your friends anyway. The energy levels are pretty high, which drops the inhibitions of lots of people, sexually and otherwise.

The same is true of house parties, whether a friend, a friend of a friend, or you throw them. Don’t have a place of your own or is your house or apartment too small to host a large gathering or has noise restrictions after a certain time of night? Consider arranging an impromptu gathering at a park or a beach. Get the word out on social media and tell everyone to BYOB and food. Word will get out, especially to people you don’t know, which will increase your chances of meeting someone for a hot hookup.

Outdoor concerts and music festivals are other great places to hook up with a hottie. Standing around and milling about and not being confined to a seat for two hours is a great way to bump into and mingle with people.

In Your 30’s

AGWDM hookup 30sYour social life really change in your 30’s. A lot of your friends you partied with on the weekends are at home with their families and it’s harder for them to get out on a regular basis. In my town, there’s some kind of big event going on every weekend like a bacon fest, vodka fest, barbecue fest, or a pub crawl. They’re lively places to meet people that attract more people than sports bars and nightclubs. All you need is a friend or two to go along with you; not a pack of friends.

When I was in my 30’s, there were several online groups of singles in their 30’s and 40’s that met at local bars on a weekly or monthly basis. They’re a little more subdued than the sports bar/nightclub scene. People tend to gather at a large table or special section of the bar to talk, mingle and head on out on the dance floor. These kinds of get-togethers are much easier to show up to by yourself since everyone else there is single.

A lot of dating and hookup websites host local parties on a regular basis. They’re worth checking out people you may have seen on the site and start a face-to-face conversation, which is easier for most people than the time it takes to write messages and wait for replies.

Consider signing up for a semi-athletic group like an adult volleyball or dodgeball league at a local park or fitness center. The emphasis is more on having a good time than hardcore competition, and there’s usually some kind of meet-up after the match.

Men and women in their 30’s and older tend to rely more on dating and hook up sites to meet people than in social situations. It’s always wise and safe to meet in a public place on the first meeting. Meeting at a coffee house or cocktail bar is always the best bet. It allows you an open-ended out after one drink if you feel that things aren’t jibing right or an opportunity to head back to somebody’s place or hotel if the chemistry’s right.

In Your 40’s and Beyond

AGWDM hookup 40sI’ve known lots of people who go to the gym on a regular basis. It’s a great way to get your workout in and socialize at the same time … and there’s a lot of hooking up that goes on after the workout. Those who are at least fairly serious about working out love showing off their bods.

Women in their 40’s and beyond love their girls’ nights out, usually at the better bars where they can mill over a light dinner, small plates or appetizers with their cocktails. There’s always a few in the crowd that are scoping out the men. Places that have karaoke nights are big draws.

Stop in at a hotel bar, even if it’s one in your town. There’s bound to be a few people of your choosing who want to unwind but not in the seclusion of their own room. They probably don’t know anyone else in town and hotel bars have far fewer couples and guests who come in with groups of friends. It’s much easier to strike up a conversation and see where things go, and the opportunity for a hookup just might be as close as a couple of floors above the bar.

Event nights are still popular with people in their 40’s and older, especially if they’re some kind of charity fundraiser that’s a little more formal and upscale. Pick an event where there’s going to be more milling around than being stuck sitting at a table all night. It will increase your chances of meeting more people of your choosing.

If you have kids out of the house, maybe it’s time to take up a new hobby. Sign up for a one-day workshop on something you have a passion for or are interested in learning. Classes like these are small enough to meet and talk with people and then perhaps continue over coffee or cocktails to see if you have “other things in common”. The nice thing about one-day workshops is that you don’t have to worry about seeing that person again like you would at a semester-long university or lifelong learning class if things don’t work out.

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