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5 Deal Breakers for Women in a Casual Sex Relationship

AGWDM 5 deal breakersGuys, trust me. There are women out there that only want a casual relationship, especially on sites like Casual Sex Melbourne ( and Casual Sex Perth ( ). Yeah, guys do outnumber men on casual sex sites by about 30 to 1, but guys out there are getting lucky, so how come you’re not? Could it be because you’re guilty of one of these five deal breakers?

1. The First and Only Thing You Want to Talk About is Sex
Granted, the whole point of casual sex dating sites is all about finding a casual sex partner, but slow down, guys. Treat your casual sex dating site introduction like you’re striking up a conversation with a woman you don’t know at a bar or a party. Would you go up to her and say, “Hey, wanna fuck?” You fully well know that she’ll either tell you to fuck off or just walk away from you.

Also, conversations and questions that are solely centered on sex make you sound like a dick, especially if they’re focused on her sexual experiences. When a woman gets the feeling that she’s nothing more than wank fodder, she’ll likely think that you have no interest in meeting her needs in bed. And remember that she has to like you as a person first before anything happens in the bedroom.

2. Don’t Make Your First Casual Sex Dating Site Introduction a Request for Photos
Almost every casual sex dating site profile has or should have a photo. If looks are that important, let her profile photo be your decision in responding to her profile. If the two of you have a nice rapport going on online and you’re considering meeting her in person, send some additional photos of yourself when you ask for more pictures of her. Fair is fair, guys. She should have an opportunity to judge or be an asshole to you before she decides to meet you, too,

Once again, DO NOT SEND HER A DICK PIC. Let her decide if you have a magnificent dick when she gets to see you naked or has sex with you in person. Seeing a picture of a dick without the body and face that goes with it is not appealing to most women.

3. Be Honest with Your Photos
Yes, women are just as guilty of sending dishonest photos as much as men. Aside from photos that were taken 30 kilos or 10 years ago, the second top category of dishonest photos are hair color or lack of hair. Just because you had a full head of brown, blond or red hair seven or eight years ago does not excuse the gray hair or receding hairline you have today. She may even prefer your current hairstyle, but lying about your hair will make her wonder about other things you aren’t honest about.

4. You Have a Grossly Disgusting Messy or Dirty House
If dust, dirt grime and spills are more apparent than the finishes and upholstery on your living room furniture, the less likely she is going to want to take the grand tour of your house or apartment that will ultimately end in your bedroom. A dirty house will likely make a woman think a man is a pig, even if he’s the nicest guy in the world.

5. Your Requests for Booty Calls are Always at Your Place
Those spur-of-the moment booty calls can be fun and exciting, but not if a woman always has to get dressed up, made up, and drive to your part of town because you’re horny. She may not always want to drive home late at night or early in the morning all the time. She might want the luxury of getting a full night’s sleep or waking up at a half-way decent hour in her bed, too. That expectation is about as eyeroll-worthy as “Make me a sammich.” Give her the option of “My place or yours?” Take turns having each other over. It’s an equal opportunity world, and that’s one of the beauties of casual sex relationships.

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