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5 Pictures Women Don’t Want to See of Guys on Casual Sex Dating Sites

So you’re a guy who’s just finished writing a profile on a sex dating site like Casual Sex Norwich ( or Casual Sex Nottingham ( Now it’s time to upload some pictures.

In most cases, it’s not what you look like that can be a deal breaker on a casual sex dating site. Most women aren’t looking for or expect a Brad Pitt lookalike. However, the kind of pictures you include on your casual sex dating profile can be an immediate deal breaker.

Here are five of those kinds of pictures…

1. Pictures with Kids, Mums and Grandmothers

She wants a man, not a daddy.

She wants a man, not a daddy.

Mentioning that you have kids in your casual sex dating profile may be a deal maker for some women, especially if she has kids of her own. It lets her know that you both come from the same kind of place in life. However, seeing a guy with his offspring isn’t the image women want to see if they’re looking for a guy to get randy with, especially if meeting each other’s kids is definitely not the table.

The same goes for pictures of men with their mums and grandmothers. Women don’t want the thought of, “Oh, that woman would hate me if she knew how me and her son got together,” while cruising through a casual sex dating site. It’s a libido killer. Even worse, a woman will think that you’re a Momma’s boy.

2. Women Cropped out of Pictures

She's not out of the picture.

She’s not out of the picture.

The last thing women want to see is a picture of a man so close to a woman that hair or a cheek or a shoulder where the picture was cropped. It immediately makes women wonder if you’re truly unattached or if you’re still carrying a torch for that woman if you still have that photo on your phone or laptop. Even if that woman cut out of the picture isn’t an ex-significant other, it’s the first thing a woman is going to assume. Make sure that your photos shows that you’re available, emotionally and otherwise.

3. Porn Star Pics

"Can you top this?" No, I can't.

“Can you top this?” No, I can’t.

Your buddies may think you’re the man if you get a photo taken with hot babe or a porn star at a bachelor party, club or convention. Women checking out your photos on your casual sex dating profile, not so much. She’ll wonder if a woman like that is what you expect or if she’ll have to compete with someone like that and then move on.

4. Pics with Fancy Cars

"I'm a douchebag and I wanna stick my nozzle inside of you."

“I’m a douchebag and I wanna stick my nozzle inside of you.”

Even if you own a fancy car, motorcycle or boat, leave it out of your casual sex dating site profile picture. Pictures like these make you look like an insecure tool or are insecure about your tool.

5. Dick Pics

Put your junk inside your trunk.

Put your junk inside your trunk.

Nothing says “I want to put my dick in any female receptacle” quite like a dick pic, even if that’s not your intention. Ask any woman what makes a man good in bed, and she’ll say that it takes more than just his penis. Allow the woman you want to hook up with meet your little friend in person unless she asks to inspect your package ahead of time.

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