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5 Reasons Why Some Women Don’t Like Casual Sex

… and How to Overcome Those Obstacles

It’s said that women don’t care for casual sex because they want romance or need to be emotionally attached to their partners. That’s not always the case. There are plenty of women on sites like Casual Sex Sydney ( and Casual Sex Brisbane
( that are looking for casual sex partners. But there are some women that would be more open to casual sex if it weren’t for these reasons:

1. Casual sex is usually on a man’s terms. This happened to me once. I was 33 and Jeb* was 38. Gorgeous hunk of a man. He told me straight up that he wasn’t willing to get into a relationship but I couldn’t resist him. He was extremely intelligent, seductive, and sophisticatedly kinky. We saw each other once or twice a week for about a month and then BOOM! – nothing. He was either vaguely busy, backed out at the last minute, or he didn’t return phone calls promptly. I took the hint and moved on. The six weeks later, he called me … and I agreed to go over to his house to see him. (He hated coming to my house because the 30-minute drive was “too far.” I know. That was dumb of me.) The next time he called was six months later.

That being said, there’s a reason why casual sex is called friends with benefits or fuck buddies. You to at least have to be a friend. Any friend that doesn’t reciprocate or takes more than they give get to be tiresome after a while.

2. Casual sex is always about him getting off. I’ve heard this complaint from women a lot. It usually goes something like this, “He fucks, he comes, and then he rolls over and falls asleep or is out the door.”

Great sex of any kind is all about both partners getting what they want. Guys, how would you feel if your fuck buddy got off but you never did? That wouldn’t be fun, would it?

3. Casual sex lacks passion. Belinda*, 49, tried doing the casual sex thing after her divorce. She wasn’t ready to get involved with anyone, but said, “After a couple of times, I just didn’t feel the passion. It was like going through the motions and I always felt really depressed and regretted it the next day. It’s a lot easier doing without.”

There’s a certain amount of emotional detachment that’s involved in successfully maintaining a casual sex partnership. There can still be a high level of mutual hotness with an understanding that things aren’t going to get serious.

4. WWJT (What Would Jesus Think)? I have a friend, Terry*, 49, who’s a smokin’ hot babe and isn’t afraid to show it off to the world. But she’s the kind of gal who likes getting her praise on every Sunday. She once admitted to me and another that, “I would love to get fucked and banged hard, but what would God think about that?”

We both assured her that she had to leave God out of it and make a responsible decision on her own terms if it came down to having casual sex with someone. We told her that we’ll always love her to pieces and who she sleeps with and why is none of anyone’s damn business. The only person whose opinion matters is you.

5. Some women like being Ms. Right, not Ms. Right Now. A lot of sexually empowered women want to maintain their autonomy but don’t want to feel like a stand-in until something better comes around. Owning one’s sexuality and takes a lot of pride and involves a lot of ego. A lot of independent women want their fuck buddy to think that they’re hot and desirable and not just available.

Always be upfront about your terms and reasons for having casual sex before you hook up with someone, whether it’s a one-night stand or occasional get-togethers. If you have a mutual and agreeable understanding, there’s much less likelihood of disappointment for both of you.

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