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5 Things She’s Thinking About Your Casual Sex Relationship

AGWDM what shes thinking about casual sex 620 featuredGuys, there are lots of women who would love to have a casual sex relationship. There are plenty of them on sites like Casual Sex Brisbane ( and Casual Sex Adelaide ( But what are the things that keep them from finding you or finding you to be a desirable fuck buddy?

It’s not just a matter of knowing how women think but why. There are a lot of common mistakes that men make in pursuing casual sex and these common mistakes are shared and talked about over and over among women.

None of these five things women think, consider or complain about their casual sex relationships are intended to be man bashing. They’re all same true story, different guys. I’ve run into a few of these kinds of guys myself. Even if you’re not one of those guys, think about these things in how to approach and connect with women for some sex on the side. Understanding women is the first and most important step in attracting and keeping them.

1. He has no regard for me as a person or my pleasure. Our quest for sex is both a want and a need. It requires two people in order for that to happen. The other person, the woman, is as fully entitled to have her wants and needs met, too. If her first and bare minimum requirements are to be treated with respect and courtesy and doesn’t get that, she’s well within her rights to move on and find someone else who will give those things to her. Wouldn’t you do the same if someone wanted something from you but treated you like an asshole?

The same goes for making the assumption, “It was good for me, didn’t you have fun, too?” If you didn’t put forth an effort in making sure that she was satisfied, she has every right to say, “No.”

2. He’s only in it for himself. Sex is a two-way street. She needs to be satisfied, too. Think of it like that woman you buy drinks for at the bar all night, tells you, “It’s been fun,” and then leaves to go home by herself. Sucks to be the only one who doesn’t get what they want, doesn’t it?

3. He only wants sex when it’s convenient for him and on his terms. I’m not saying that there’s nothing wrong with a spontaneous late-night booty call, but are you just as willing to drop everything, let alone answer her call or text, when she wants the same? And a lot of women prefer some notice ahead of time.

The same thing goes for always expecting a woman to come to your place all the time when you’re horny. It’s like putting a spin on the saying “do unto others as they do for you.” Reciprocation is not an unrealistic expectation for sex or anything that requires any amount of give and take.

4. He’s putting on the charm now, but $50 says he’ll never call back again. Putting on the charm is part of the game in winning a woman over, but lying about “this could be a thing” when you have no intention of ever seeing her again once you get her into bed is a total douchebag move. Even if you have no regrets about fucking and dumping her, don’t expect any sympathy if she does something “psycho” like publicly trash you on social media. Wouldn’t you do the same if you got screwed over, swindled or lied to?

If all you want is a one-time lay or want to be free to see others, be upfront about it. It might decrease your chances of getting laid in the shallow pool of choices, but some women might take you up on that if that’s all they want, too.

5. “But I want romance, too.” From my point of view as a woman, dispassionate sex is crappy sex. That kind of sex is about as perfunctory as sticking an electrical plug into a wall socket so I can power my wand vibrator. There’s nothing that says you can’t have romantic feelings for or do romantic things with casual sex fuck buddy. Passionate sex is hot sex! You just have to have a mutual agreement on what will and won’t happen in the parameters of your arrangement. Communication is just as important in casual sex as it is in capital “R” Relationships.

In short, the “casual” in casual sex doesn’t mean being less than considerate. Being considerate does not necessarily mean that you’re pledging a lifelong commitment to someone. It’s just putting the “adult” in an adult relationship.

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