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7 Reasons to Keep Your Casual Relationship a Secret

AGWDM 7 reasons to keep your casual relationship secretSo you’ve met a hookup partner or friend with benefits on a site like Casual Sex Leeds ( or Casual Sex Leicester ( Excited? I hope so! But do you want to shout your good news from the rooftop and tell all your friends and anyone who will listen?

That’s probably not a good idea. Here’s why…

1. It keeps your FWB relationship uncomplicated.
Since you and your fuck buddy probably only get together for the sake of sex, you’re probably not getting together with friends, family or co-workers on a social basis anyway. The more distance you keep your FWB from your social circle, the less complicated your casual relationship will be. Part of the beauty and success of a casual relationship is not knowing too much about each other.

2. It keeps your relationship with your friends uncomplicated.
Keeping your casual relationship secret will keep friends from constantly asking, “Why don’t the two of you come out with us sometime?” and always finding an excuse to beg off. Keeping things hush totally bypasses those relationship progress reports friends tend to expect. Plus, you won’t always have to find some excuse to say why your fuck buddy isn’t with you every time you and your friends get together.

3. It’s about respecting your partner’s privacy.
Your casual sex partner probably doesn’t want to broadcast that they’re seeing you for the same reasons (or possibly others) as you. Respect your casual relationship partner’s privacy and boundaries.

4. It keeps your prospects open to date others.
You never know when you run into someone else you might want to hook up with or could be “the one”. If that person knows you have a hookup partner, they may be reluctant to date you. Most people don’t want to get to know someone who doesn’t appear to be open and available. Making your casual relationship secret makes that transition a lot easier.

5. Blabbing about your casual sex partner on social media is just bad form.
This doesn’t apply to just casual sex partners, but first dates as well, especially if there’s a new one every weekend or two. It falls under the “this is more than I really want to know about you” category. It’s the same category as the pictures of the egg you boiled yourself for breakfast and the milkshake you picked up at the fast food drive-thru, only more awkward.

6. If your casual sex partner or casual relationship are on record on social media, your mother will know about it.
You know that’s a conversation you don’t want to have. Even if your mum isn’t on social media, someone’s going to tell her.

7. Part of the fun of keeping a casual relationship secret is the secret itself.
Part of the fun of keeping a casual relationship secret is that it makes it feel illicit and covert. That kind of mood makes you want to do bad things. Not bad bad, but good bad. Hopefully, very good bad.

If you decide to go public with your casual sex relationship, make sure that it’s a mutual decision with your partner and give When is the Right Time to go Public with Your Leeds Casual Sex Relationship? ( a read in in Casual Sex Leeds.

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