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A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind is Online for Another Year & Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superhero Nominations

AGWDM kinkly sex blogging superhero banner 2015 620Yahoo! Big hugs and thank yous to those of you who have helped keep A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind is online for another year!

It was a big humble move for me to put the word out that I needed some help in paying for expenses that were coming up to keep A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind online. Those expenses were coinciding with some other big bills and budget busters in my personal life. I get that almost everything is free on the Internet and so many sites already ask for donations in exchange for the hard work, talent and expense to what takes only a few minutes to read. However, I felt that it was important to offer something tangible or of value in other ways aside from what you read in return.

So several people stepped up in some huge ways. If only I could reach out to them to give them real hugs. Really big hugs. In lieu of that, I want to give them a big public thanks and recognition and encourage all of you to check out what they’re all about and what they’re doing in the wonderful world of sex.

Cara Sutra
Dr. Darrel Ray of Secular Sexuality
Galen Fous
Jon Pressick, editor of Best Sex Writing of the Year
Leandra Vane of The Unlaced Librarian
Toronto Phone Sex

To those of you who purchased something from my advertising links where I receive a commission for your purchase, I’d love to thank you publicly or privately. However, outside companies handle order processing and don’t provide me names or contact or account information – not that those things are my or anyone else’s business anyway.

I also had someone who prefers to be anonymous make a very generous donation. He said: “The value I’m already getting is your writing … I’m expecting a lot, namely you continue to produce high quality work. Let me see you get your (Alexa) score down to under two hundred in the States.”

I don’t know if I can get A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind to be one of the Top 200 websites in the US, but I would love to remain on Kinkly’s list of Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes! You can vote for me by clicking on the Click Here to Vote! button on my Kinkly blogger profile page.

You don’t have to vote for just one blogger. I have already voted for several sex bloggers who are listed in Kinkly’s Sex Blogger Directory. Voting ends Oct. 10.

Cheers to another fun and sexy year!

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