A Long, Warm Winter’s Drive

AGWDM taking flight taking rides cover artIt was one of the coldest nights of the winter. The air felt like the snow on the ground – crisp and icy. It cut into my throat almost like shards of ice with every breath I took. Even the silence in the air was silent but sharp. The sky had the richest, glossiest hue of midnight blue and the moon was incredibly bright and white. Even with the frigidity, it was also a night I thought was too beautiful not to be able to share with you.

Once I got inside, the furnace just couldn’t generate enough heat no matter what the thermostat read. No amount of my favorite Wild Sweet Orange tea could warm me from the inside. Not even my long, thick velvet-like robe could shake the chill. It wasn’t until you called that I decided to trade in my robe for the two fleecy blankets and a down comforter that I heaped upon myself that I was able to find comfort and warmth. I felt swaddled, almost womb-like as we talked about my day at work and your dinner with an old college friend. The mound of blankets I tucked behind my back made me feel as if I was being cradled by you, even though you had …

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