A Masterful All-Nighter

This chapter didn’t make the cut for my upcoming ebook, A Masterful Seduction by the Book, available on Dec. 4 at Smashwords, but call it a bonus chapter to “wet” your appetite.

As soon as we stepped in the door that night, George picked me up, hauled me over his shoulder, and carried me downstairs to the dungeon.

When we got into the dungeon, he flipped me back on my feet, and just said, “Strip. Everything off.”

I was already half unclothed but completely giddy from our car ride escapade. The eggnog and bourbon I had at his parents’ house added a little fuel to my flame and helped keep me warm in the frigid, damp basement.

I couldn’t help but get a little cheeky in my full unveiling. The first things to go were my stockings, which I tied around his wrists while I did a little burlesque number in front of him.

“You are going to get quite the spanking for this,” he said, tugging at his bound wrists.

“Really?” I said, taking a spin around the sewer pipe as I dropped my garter belt to the floor, knowing that he secretly loved the challenge of taming me.

“Really,” he said quite sternly.

I sashayed over to him, bent over and wiggled my tits in front of his face while keeping enough distance so that he couldn’t touch me. I teased and taunted him by shimmying and shaking in front of him and pretending to take off my bra until his hands broke free and sprung out of his armchair. He pulled me over his lap and gave me a couple of red hot smacks on my behind. I was stinging as bad as I wanted to come.

“Really,” he said with a smirk on his face.

He got up and walked me over to the St. Andrew’s cross. He clamped my wrists and ankles to the cross and then my nipples with a pair of clips – harder than he usually had before. The pain was excruciating until he started rubbing my ass and the back of my legs with dense fluffy mitts. I almost forgot about my nipples hurting until he brought the mitts barely over the very tips of my nipples. My nipples engorged and hardened making the clamps feel they were on tighter than before.

As much as I was owwing and screeching from the pain, the soft tickling on the very tips of my nipples were making me wet. I was starting to come, even though he wasn’t touching me anywhere near my pussy.

“I didn’t say that you could come,” he said.

I struggled to say, “I can’t help it, sir,” vacillating between trying to keep my insides from spiraling out of control and the piercing pain of my nipples.

I was stretching my body and arching my back trying to hold back the intense pleasure and pain. It was all I could do with my naked body strapped spread eagle on the cross.

It did no good. As soon as he took the mitts away, he slipped his finger down the slit of my pussy. His finger was slick and it got even more slippery as cum dripping out of my vagina just from his single stroke.

“If you insist on coming, I’ll make you come – more than you want,” he said.

George rammed two of his large fingers deep inside of me, curling them inward to poke at my G-spot relentlessly. My body stiffened and I couldn’t breathe or let my screams come out. I felt as if I was on the edge of the most intense kind of ecstasy. A hot gush of fluid poured over his hand, but he didn’t let up, nor did the feeling of being so tightly wound from deep in my core to every electrified nerve ending that sizzled and tickled all over my body.

A third finger slid in, filling me and rubbing against every contour of my slickened vaginal walls. As soon as George’s thumb rubbed on the tip of my hardened clit. I was hitting yet a new and higher edge. I gushed again but I couldn’t break free. I couldn’t let go. I felt as if I was lost in another dimension. Everything went dark except for flashes of bright colors. If he said anything, I couldn’t hear him.

I wanted to cry, “I have to have you! I have to have you inside of inside of me!” but I wasn’t sure if the words came out coherently or at all. I wanted him to feel what I was feeling. I wanted him to share this wild ride with me. I wanted to feel this together.

Then I heard him ask, “Are you sure you have it in you to do this again if I let you off the cross?”

George tugged at one of my nipple clamps. An orgasmic surge kept me from answering as he kept prodding his fingers deeper and faster inside of me.

Then I felt a swift smack on the side of my ass while he continued to fill me tighter with his fingers. I couldn’t say, “Yes, I do, sir!” All I could do was let out sharp, staccato cries every time his fingers slid in as far as they could go, and every time they did, I got another smack on my behind.

I started to feel confused and exhausted until I could finally mutter, “Yes … no … of course … I think so, sir.”

George’s hand slowed down and finally pulled out from inside of me. He used it to caress my stinging hot ass cheek to comfort and his other hand to unclamp my nipples and rub my breasts.

When George finally let me down from the cross, my legs felt shaky and wobbly. I was unable to stand without his support.

George held onto me and chuckled, “Everyone has a breaking point. I’m always amazed how much farther out yours goes every time.”

“You make it sound as if I haven’t quite broken a record yet,” I said.

“We have a lifetime to find out,” he said as he kissed me on the forehead.

I couldn’t believe that we would indeed be married and I would have a husband like him.

We finally made it upstairs and sat naked on blankets and pillows in front of the fireplace. We sipped on almond liqueur while we talked about wedding ideas. We both agreed that a summer wedding at his family’s lodge would be the perfect place, and that same weekend next June would be the perfect time.

“I can’t think of any other way to commemorate the time and the moment that I knew that I loved you and had to have you in my life,” he said.

My smile was soft, but my happiness was stronger – strong enough to make tears of joy well up in my eyes. I couldn’t turn away to hide them from him.

I wished I knew and could admit that I felt the same way about him at that weekend at the lodge, but looking back in my memory, it was obvious. I wished that I hadn’t doubted my ability to accept a love like this, and was grateful that he was able to forgive my transgression and brief betrayal with my dalliance with Ryan. As good as things were with Ryan in the past, there was a reason why I couldn’t change my life for him.

This moment was not the time to talk about that. This moment wasn’t fit for words of any kind.

George pulled me in close and kissed and caressed me tenderly. The long, smooth strokes of my hands all over his body mimicked his as our bodies tangled together. I couldn’t get enough of the warm, sweet, sticky taste of that liquid almond from his lips and the tip of his tongue. Or maybe it was this quiet passion for each other that made us savor ourselves.

I was once wet again as he slid his hardened cock back and forth slowly over my labia. It felt dream-like as our bodies began to shift in sync.

My leg lifted around his hip, inviting his hardened cock inside of me. He took his time guiding it in, trying to make this feeling last forever. Our caresses were still soft yet intense as we were joined together.

I swung myself on top to slide myself back and forth on his cock. I picked up the pace bit by bit to see how far and how long I could take him, guided only by his every deepening and quickening breath, moan and sigh. I was in no hurry for him to come. To feel his build-up was as much of a thrill as experiencing my own.

I wanted nothing more than for him to lounge in endless pleasure, but his body and cock started rattling. I could feel an undercurrent rumbling and wanting to break through beneath me as he matched me thrust for thrust.

As far as I was concerned, his orgasm was mine – mine to experience and mine to enjoy.

George rolled me over, still holding me close. When he finally came down, he said, “That was the first time I let myself surrender to a woman. I love you for that.”

The last things I remembered were a soft kiss on my lips as he ended his sentence and the sky starting to lighten outside of the living room windows.

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