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A Real Man on Dudeoir Photography

I’ve been wanting to write a post about dudeoir photography – the male version of boudoir photography — for several weeks. I think it’s a wonderful, tasteful way for men to express their eros and a whole lot sexier than sending a dick pic.

I scoured Google Images, Tumblr and Pinterest for dudeoir photos. I had a hard time finding dudeoir photos of men that didn’t look like professional models with perfect hair and perfectly sculpted bodies. I wanted to show real men – sexy men who look like husbands, boyfriends, co-workers or the neighbor guy.

Then I found Brad Mazur on Teri Hofford’s website. She’s a professional photographer in Winnipeg who specializes in boudoir photography. I’m crazy about her work, especially the photos she took of Brad. Of all the pictures I saw, I couldn’t get the pictures of Brad out of my head.

It turns out that Brad, 31, is a friend of Teri and is a photographer, as well.

“Teri and I always joked around that she should paint me like one of her French girls,” Brad says.

AGWDM Brad 1

AGWDM brad 2A

AGWDM brad 2C

AGWDM brad 2D


“I’ve always had body issues, like everyone else,” Brad says. “I think men have it more ingrained in us. Our male role models, have to be tough, never crying, towering men, always more physically superior than anyone else. It doesn’t have to be real life role models. Even in fiction, it’s a unhealthy standard. Have you ever met a normal looking superhero? Someone who isn’t sporting a six-pack, with a painted bodysuit on? Even in video games. Aside from Mario, most heroic characters are lean, tall, and often in physically superior shape. Now I’m not saying body shaming isn’t just a female issue, and it’s not just a male issue. It’s an issue from everyone.





“I did these photos, because I am confident enough to not give a shit about what someone thinks of me. Once you reach a certain experience level in life, you kind of just have to say, ‘Fuck it,’ if you aren’t going to like me for me. I don’t have time for you. Now, if you’re an asshole with no redeemable qualities, well you’re out of luck. Thankfully, I’m an asshole, who is loyal to his friends, dependable and respectful, to a point. Maybe these photos were to show people, that the skin you’re in doesn’t reflect who you are completely. There may actually be content to the pages in this book called Brad.

AGWDM Brad 6

“Being sexy is attitude. It’s the confidence to do what you do. Attractive, isn’t showing the most skin, it’s making me want more without giving it all away. I’ve been more attracted to someone giving me a look, a smirk, or a quick laugh than I have ever been by the cut of their dress, although sometimes that helps.

AGWDM Brad 7

“We need to stop shaming someone for being themselves. None of this ‘real women have curves.’ Great, you just insulted all the women who get told they’re too skinny, that their personal identity as a female is somehow diminished because it doesn’t meet your standard. That shit has to stop.

AGWDM Brad 8

“As for the photos, well, it’s been mostly positive. Some, like my sister, see what it is about, but is still weirded out because it’s her brother. Many women have been trying to get to know me because of them. I guess having a confident man willing to show that he’s built without all those perfect things, makes me more approachable? I still get the occasional shallow person expecting me to be 6 feet tall, but I can’t help them. Thankfully I don’t give those women a second glance. Yes, we all have some sort of physical attraction to a partner. For me I can always find that in someone. It could simply be how they carry themselves, never about their physical look. I’ve dated tall, short, small, and large women. Why? Because you never know what someone brings to the table just by looking at them.”

“I was inspired to do a shoot with Brad because, like me, he likes to post empowering body positive messages on his Facebook page,” Teri says. “His cup runneth over with confidence and that grin is enough make any lady weak in the knees. After seeing my Facebook blow up with a crazy amount of likes and comments, it’s easy to say that there is more of a demand to see guys loving their bodies out there!”