Adult Sex Ed

#AdultSexEdMonth: My Final Essay

ASEM teacher pinup button logoWorking from my home, I sometimes feel as if I work in a bubble. Yes, visits to my sites are up. People have been liking and sharing adult sex ed information that they’ve read and seen during #AdultSexEdMonth. But the thing I’d like to know is if someone I don’t know has learned something new about sex during the month of June. It doesn’t have to be something they read that I wrote, but perhaps one of the hundreds of stories that have filtered through Twitter and Facebook with the #AdultSexEdMonth hashtag during the month of June.

#AdultSexEdMonth is my passion project, but it’s one that I could have never taken on myself. Not only did sponsors like My Secret Luxury, Cara Sutra, Just_Indecerous, Jolynn Raymond and Lucky Bloke and its companion site, cover some of the costs involved in running the website, but they also shared a lot of valuable adult sex ed content from their websites and blogs. Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart did the same, too, and also hosted a bunch of Twitter chats, #SexTalkNaija, throughout the month of June. If you don’t follow or patronize these folks already, please do so. What they all do isn’t just about making a buck; they’re truly committed and passionate about everyone having better and safer sex.

The #AdultSexEdMonth Friends with Benefits – William Quincy Belle, Bree Guildford and Sweet Woman, Dirty Mind — have also done a great job of supporting the efforts of #AdultSexEdMonth, as well. They shared a lot of what they have written about how to have better and safer. They’ve shared promoted other valuable adult sex ed information that others have created, too.

It’s been exciting to see so many other people champion #AdultSexEdMonth and make it their cause, too. It’s not just that all of these people have provided a lot of the best information about adult sex that’s free to the public, but each of them have their niches of interests and expertise that none of us could possibly fill on our own. That’s part of the beauty of #AdultSexEdMonth – seeing the range of sexual topics and interests that open up doors into learning about, trying or just understanding a part of ourselves and others.

The thing I feel best about coming away from the month of June is knowing that just about everything that anyone would want to know about adult sex has been cataloged on the #AdultSexEdMonth website on the #AdultSexEdMonth Stories by Topic page. It’s the third volume, and do I dare say that it’s voluminous? (So are the catalogs of stories from 2014 and 2013.) I like that it’s all packed in a one-stop sex information guide whether it’s just one topic you’re looking for or if you want to spend hours days or weeks satiating your sexual curiosity.

Thank you all for giving such good ed during #AdultSexEdMonth!